I started GIBLOGGER in 2008 as a way to stay in touch with friends and family. In the process I've met even more friends and found more family.

GIBLOGGER is a much needed way for me to connect with other moms and friends, share good news and bad, vent and brag and connect, which can sometimes be hard for moms to find time for.

But the main purpose for the blog is for me to save the Gibilisco memories by blogging about the little things...our children's first smile, first Halloween etc. I look back often at older posts to remember. Life with children goes so quickly. If I can capture just a few of our memories then spending my time blogging is well worth it.

I live in Omaha, Nebraska with my husband Mike, our son Angelo, our daughter Gia and our crazy little dog Pierre. I work full-time at as a Marketing Manager at an insurance company. And as much as I love my family, I really do love going to work most days. It gives me a sense of purpose and responsibility different than I receive from being a mom.

However, each day I'm so excited to see my family and race home to be with them. I love planning family get-together, birthday parties, taking photos and planning and taking vacations to our nations National Parks.

I hope you enjoy GIBLOGGER, please leave me a comment and say you stopped by.