Wednesday, December 7, 2011

15 Month Old Cutie Pie

That's right, little Gia is 15 months old! I can't believe it....seems like only yesterday little Angelo was 15 months old, now it's Gia.

She had her check up the other day and she weighs 28.5 lbs and is 33 inches long. The 98th and 99th percentiles. She is two pounds heavier than her brother was at this age and we thought he was a chunk!

Gia will eat ANYTHING! In fact her favorites are chili, spaghetti and pizza...things her brother has never touched! She likes flavor.

She isn't saying much fact really only Mama, which I'm happy about. She tries to say book and baby and loves blowing kisses and playing peekaboo. She loves songs and dancing and her babies. She also loves to climb and mastered the stairs many months ago. One night she dove head first with her clothes on into the bath tub when I was getting the bath ready ending up with a bloody nose. She's our dare devil!

She also has teamed up with Frankie the puppy to play tricks on Angelo. They tease him to no end. Steeling his favorite toys. He gets so upset that he puts the baby gate in front of his room so neither of them can come in. She stands behind it taunting him and laughing with the dog barking!

Cutie petutie Gia. Can't get much more adorable than a Shirley Temple bob and a hot pink beret. Love you little stinker!

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The Kennedys said...

I think Gia and Gwen could make some serious trouble together! Hehe :) I agree...such a cutie!