Wednesday, November 9, 2011

October Happenings

So, needless to say my blooging in 2011 has been sub-par! I know that I need to kick it up a notch but well, it's just not a priority most days. But every once in awhile when I glance at my kids, I remember why I do blog...because it's my little time capsule, my chance to take a trip back in time to see what we were doing way back when. That being said, here is my recap of the month of October since I did such a sucky job of keeping you all in the blog loop...only to be followed, hopefully next week by a September recap.
As you can see we had just a little bit of dirt delivered at our house last month. I think our new neighbors were a little concerned at what we were up to, and I don't blame them one bit! In typical Gibilisco style...we over did it! But the over doing turned out really nice.
Our yard slopes and we had a falling down, breaking apart, calling all three-year-old boys, mom's freaking that you're gonna break your leg retaining wall. The safety issue paired with the idea of bringing out our yard further and making it even bigger made us tackle this project first. And this one was a little bigger than call your highschool buddies and make them drag railroad ties around. This one included a skid loader being parked in our garage for a few weeks, one-hundred plus ties, numerous loads of dirt being dumped in our side yard along with several loads of aggregate.
As you can imagine this was a three-year-old boys dream come true! This photo was taken after he got sent home early from school with a 101+ temp. I was thinking the school was full of it during his romp through the dirt with the dog until later that night when he laid beside me in bed puking in to the same bed pan that coincidently I puked into after the lovely meds from the c-section during his birth!
I know, dirt cures a lot of things, this kids just doesn't look sick here at all!
You can't go through October without taking a trip to the pumpkin patch with your kiddos! Gia was in heaven! She was so excited by all the animals, her favorite being the baby bunnies. Being the Daddy's girl that she is I thought we might go home with a bunny for a minute and then I reminded my husband about the large amount of poop they produce and the fact that our children are still a bit young to clean a rabbit cage so that meant him!
But it is hard to refuse this little princess!

It's always the cute things that are so much work...(cough, cough...children).
Mike joked that next year we should let them watch Children of the Corn before we bring the kids here...he got a few looks from some mothers in line....sometimes it's hard to tell when he's being serious...they obviously weren't quite sure!

Nothin screams October like a tractor shot with a shark squirt gun being pointed your way!
Oh yes, and here is little princess walking! This is one of those time capsule moments I was mentioning earlier. I need a few video clips to go along with the photos because her little sumo-style walk is just a scream. She gets comments every where we go!

Angelo picked a giant pumpkin for himself and a teeny tiny pumpkin for Gia. We were impressed that he thought of her....he's finally acknowledging that he has a sister and has even been caught giving her kisses and handing her Lightning McQueen to play with!

Speaking of Lightning McQueen, here's the race car driver himself along with little kitty. I know most cats don't have thumbs, but hey she's impressive like that!
And cute too! Don't you just want to kiss her little kitty cheeks!
Off to get treats! Angelo was really excited to ring door bells and may have pushed some a few more times than necessary...sorry about that neighbors!

Hey check it out...we're sharing!!

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