Thursday, September 15, 2011

Do you know the way to Monterey?

Do you know the way to Monterey? Well the Gibilisco's now do, and let me tell you...when traveling with two little ones, it seems very, very far away!

A day or two after the trip, if you would have asked me how it went...I would have told you terrible. Now after a few weeks to slow down and reflect I'd tell you, we all had fun and I'm glad we went but that I'll never again fly with a one-year-old unless absolutely necessary!

Actually the kids did great on the way out. But on the way back we were all a bit tired...and Gia decided to let everyone on the plane know she didn't want to be there. At one point a fellow passenger even offered up his DVD player in efforts to shut her up! That didn't work too well so I ended up walking up and down the isle with her. The flight attendant let me continue that even past the "buckle up, tray up" stage...because the screams were unbearable to all! I also forgot to mention she puked on me as the flight took off, so that was fun as well!

Our trip to Monterey, CA was a Christmas/Birthday gift to Mike's dad Ross, aka, Nanu. We went for Auto Week so Mike and his dad were in Heaven! The rest of us came along for fun and the ocean. We rented a house a block away from the sea. That part worked out well. Although being stuck together for five days can have it's downfalls, it also has a positive side as well. Like having someone cook dinner each night, lots of wine available and another pair of hands and legs for chasing and grabbing children!

While in California, we celebrated Angelo's third birthday! I even toted the birthday hat, handmade by me, all the way from Omaha. He was quite excited to see the ocean, all be it a bit scared by the giant waves on the beach!

Since the boys were off in car land most days, Sandy and I found some things to entertain ourselves with too. Here we are at Earth's Best Organic farm. Soo cute! We were even allowed to eat as many raspberries off the vine as we wanted! And Gia does not turn down free food!

On Angelo's birthday we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was wonderful! I wish we would have had more time to spend there because Angelo was really getting into it. So much for the kids to do...they even got to touch manta rays!

Here's Grammy Cella engrossed with the aquarium. After a few sleepless nights thanks to Angelo...watching fish swim around to lullabyish music I was about to curl up and take a little nap!

The jelly fish display was amazing and quite large. They also had a sea horse display. They are so cute and did you know they do a dance to mate? They're really quite polite and old fashioned compared to other fish!

Here we are, a little worn and weather from the sea, but plunging on for vacations sake!

Here's one of my better shots off fisherman's wharf.

Another day we drove up the coast along Highway one. Such a beautiful drive if you're ever in that area. We stopped at a little restaurant stuck between the mountains that had a little creek running behind it. They had placed chairs in the water were you could read and eat your lunch. It was really pretty and a beautiful day!

Cheers to the Grandma's! They totally deserved a drink or two during this trip for helping me with my wild Indians!

Here's the scenic drive along highway one, the Bixby Bridge.


melanie said...

Seriously, they are getting SO big!! Love Gia's bows! Looked like fun, I can't imagine a toddler on the plane, I opted to finally do benedryl at the end of our trips! *guilty* Love you guys!

Lindsay said...

you guys are a beautiful family! :) Looks like a wonderful, amazing time! :) Happy Fall to you as well friend ~

Sarah said...

1 - Looks so fun!

2 - The family pic of you all: Super cute.

3 - I wish you lived closer so I could borrow your cute shoes you had on. :)