Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We're amping up...

We're amping up for a lot of activity! Number one on the list...birthdays! And birthdays wouldn't be birthdays at our house if they didn't come with birthday crowns! So I've been busy burning my fingers with hot glue each night to create the perfect Sugar and Spice birthday crown for Gia and the perfect Sea crown for Angelo.

Gia's birthday theme is Sugar and Spice and we're throwing a big party at our house over labor day weekend.  Think spice cookies, cotton candy and tea sandwiches cut into girly shapes. Pink, light blue and frilly. Because, that's what little girls are made of!

Angelo's party will be thrown in Monterey, CA this year. We're heading there on vacation soon. I'm not sure how to pack this crown but he must have his "3 by the sea" hat on his birthday! He is excited to see a shark! I'm hoping if we do see one it will be in an aquarium!

Here's a photo of what we'll be seeing soon! We're heading out with both Grandmas, Nanu and Bob. I think Angelo will do ok on the plane, he's mastered the gum chewing. But I'm a little nervous about our teething sweetie Gia.

She's cute and all, but other passengers may not find her so sugary and sweet...that's all I'm sayin! Girl can SCREAM!

Once we're there, we're all staying in a house that is about two blocks from the ocean. I'm so excited! We plan to hang at the beach, go to the Monterey Aquarium and do a little sight seeing in some pretty spectacular parks. The boys are heading to the Tour de Elegance. A fancy car show held on the fairway of the 18th hole on Pebble Beach. Mike and I haven't been anywhere since Hot Springs, AR....which was nice and all but there was no ocean. I'm hoping for some pretty wonderful photos for our vacation wall.

So as we amp up...any traveling tips with children are much appreciated. Also if anyone has been in the Monterey area I'd love some extra itinerary juice!

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