Tuesday, August 30, 2011

He's Three!

If you have children then you know...time flies. And every once in awhile it smacks you up side the head like, stop take a breath...realize how fast this is all going! For me that was today. It's been a little hectic since we moved, got a new dog and had a baby all in one year. I feel like I'm in constant movement and there is no time to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Today, Angelo started preschool. It's at the same daycare he's been attending...so it was a little less shocking, but shocking none the less. Here he will learn to write his name, take spanish, have a computer in his classroom and a class pet.

When I said goodbye and saw him in his chair, all excited to see his friends..I finally took a breath and realized this little guy is three-freakin-years-old! OMG!

The other part that struck me is...how much three-year-olds learn these days! I mean, this room looks like my kidergarten room. Spanish, cooking, computer, art, music and gymnastics...wow! I want to be in preschool!

Angelo is ready for this move. He's been a little trying....ok A LOT trying! Everything is NO! Followed by kicking and screaming and dropping to the floor. We're doing our best to work through it but I'll admit, somedays I feel like I'm losing my mind. So I don't want to speed up time...but I'm ready for this phase to be over.

I haven't posted photos of our trip yet because I've been dealing with this...

Omaha had a bad hail storm while our car was parked at the airport and this is the result. The problem is there was so much damage done in the area, the adjuster still hasn't come to look at the car and it is, undriveable! I'm curious to see if they total it out. So as if we haven't had enough cars...looks like I'll most likely be getting another new one.

I'm totally ready for things to stay the same for awhile...but we still have a soon-to-be one-year-old little girl's birthday party! And then maybe, maybe we can slow down for a bit! I'm ready!!


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Angelo! It's crazy how fast time goes.

Nothing says "Welcome Home" like hail damage. :)

Jana said...

My Brother-in-law said it was softball-size hail in Omaha! Happy Happy Birthday Angelo!

The Kennedys said...

I hope Angelo had an awesome birthday! Yup, time does fly! We were actually in Omaha when it hailed that night... we were staying in the Old Market and didn't have hail there. However, My brother-in-law's car was parked at the airport and looked quite a bit like yours, I guess. Good Luck getting everything fixed up or a new ride!