Monday, July 25, 2011

The Next Michael Phelps?

Growing up I was not very athletic. I don't know if I just grew too fast (4 inches one summer), that I didn't try hard enough (I didn't really care) or I was just plain not good at anything involving a ball.

However, the one thing I was good at was swimming! I was a lifeguard for four years, taught swimming lessons and would have totally done swim team if it hadn't meant getting up at the crack of dawn, driving to another town and then coming back again in time for school. (I'm from tiny town U.S.A., they don't have indoor pools!)

So, you better believe I snuck my two-year-old son into the lessons for three-year-olds. And it just made my day when he not only passed, but got moved up two levels. And he not only jumped off the side, but he jumped off the board...repeatedly!

He's loving it! So, yes...he's taking more lessons through the an indoor pool of course, because hey, I'm not in tiny town anymore and he could be the next Michael Phelps...who knows!

Umm...yes back's no big deal!

Getting ready to go off the diving board. Look how skinny he is! Too bad I don't have as good of luck getting him to eat dinner as I do jumping off the board. I might have to start enticing can go off the board if you take a bite of cheeseburger....

No fear!
Thumbs up Daddy!
Here's Grandma Cella telling hims she's proud of him and that she's got a prize back at her house for him. She literally has a prize for every moment of his life...funny Mom, I don't remember getting that many prizes...probably why I didn't try harder at sports, hehe! : )

So, I've said this before...but Angelo's a little spoiled (obviously I already told you about the prize giving). Since Mike and I are both only children, Angelo and Gia are the only grandchildren. And since Grammy Cella, Grammy Sandy and Nanu live within walking distance from us...(yes, It's a little "Everybody loves Raymondish") they all show up to everything (we actually like it that way...we're weird like that). So on Angelo's last day of swimming we had both grandmas, a nanu, a daddy and of course me! Quite the crowd!
Angelo with his swim teacher Ms. Jen and Marica who was also in his class.

And because even though I couldn't shove her into swimming lessons quite yet...I don't want to forget to mention anything about my sweet, pigtail wherein Gia. She seriously just keeps getting cuter. It took her FOREVER to start moving. But now she everywhere and wants to walk sooo bad. She won't even lay down at night when we put her to bed. She stand in her crib jumping and screaming, wanting to play peak a boo one last time through the crib rails.

She also loves the water, but not quite as much as she loves to eat. She will eat anything...avocado, enchiladas, pizza, even recently beets...she's not a huge fan of eggs, but other than that, we've yet to find something she won't eat. Total opposite of her brother in that respect. She's total Gibilisco with eating (they eat anything), Angelo's total Weinberg. My dad is a picky eater, I'm a picky eater and Angelo is joining us. It's all fried chicken (chicken nugguts in his case), chocolate and cheetos for us.

Here's the 4th of July princess in her wagon for the kiddie parade.

Angelo in his sup ed out bad we can't get him to peddle this thing! By the way, we were the only family on the street to have all the grandparents walk in the parade with us! I told you it's "Everybody Loves Raymond." : )

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