Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Red White and Blue

Better late than never...our 4th of July pics.

It started out at Memorial Park for a free concert put on by Bank of the West. The concert was followed by fireworks. Gia wasn't sure what to think of the fireworks. As Angelo said, "Gia likes the colors but not the boom." Angelo was quite happy with both.

We had a fun weekend with our friends and family. It was strange to think that a year ago I sat watching the fireworks with no Gia and this year she was eating cookies crawling around on a blanket. Time flies!

Here's Gia and Frankie before the fireworks.

Gia enjoying the picnic lunch.

Angelo with Frannie and Isabelle.

Eating more!

Angelo enjoying hanging out with the guys, Marco and Ryan.

Me with my little fire cracker.

Angelo with Grammy Cella, wearing the coveted glow in the dark glasses from Dollar Tree.