Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lots of Updates

Ok, so it's been brought to my attention that I'm a slacker blogger. Very true! But let me tell ya, it's not because I'm laying around eating chocolate and watching The Voice. The Gibilisco crew has been crazy busy. Like so busy some people think we're crazy! People stop by and wonder how we fit it all in. And the answer is, we don't! Some things get forgotten blogging for one.

But the other night as I put Gia's 9 month photo in a frame I realized how important a stupid thing like blogging is. My babies are growing up and I just missed a month of writing about it. By the end of the summer Gia will be one and Angelo will be three and it's like where did the year just go! So in the midst of our crazy busy life, it's good to stop, take a minute and regurgitate what the heck we've been busy doing. If not only for my sake, but for a few people out there who of course have never commented!! But read my blog faithfully.

So here of our craziness....
First off, if you haven't been reading this for a really long time we moved. And it all happened really fast. One day we talked about looking, the next day we looked, three days later we put an offer on a house and it was accepted. A week later we put a FSBO sign in our yard, a week later it was sold. One month later we were closing on the new house and two weeks after we closed on our old house. So yeah, take that recession! We bought and sold a house in less than two weeks. (And just a side tip for anyone selling their house, it's all about pricing...don't be greedy!)

Moving alone can make you pretty busy...but when you throw in trying to update a 1950's ranch in two weeks along with it...well let's just say forget about weight's a pretty good diet.
Before and after of our living room.

 A funny little side note, sometimes I can't wait for things to happen...sooo I got a wild hair and came home from lunch and hung all the brackets for the new blinds. Unfortunately, I hung them a bit crooked! So Mike came the the rescue. Although about halfway through he told me to throw them and the fing Chinese instructions in the trash. Ahem....this was kind of why I tried to put them up myself! : )
See the refinished hardwoods! Goodbye disgusting old carpet!
 Dining Room Before
 Dining Room After
And just so you don't think we did all of this is a photo of Ron. One of the guys who helped paint and refinish the floors.

Gia's Room before.

And after.

Angelo's room. He's in heaven that Lightning McQueen is on his wall! He's suppose to be making his bed in the morning...some days he does...this wasn't one of them!

And a few things that didn't get done...retro shuffle board/playroom in the basement.

Lovely paneling in the family room in the basement.

The yard at this house is much, much bigger. Part of the reason we wanted this house. We now have a 1/2 acre that backs to more open land. The kids love playing in the yard. Although out back there must have been something that Angelo got into.

So in the midst of moving came a doctor apt. for a little steroid cream. The bumps look much better now but there were a few sleepless nights of itching.

And, as if moving wasn't enough...we decided two weekend ago to drive to Rose Hill, IA and pick up Francois Pierre Gibilisco...aka Frankie Boy. Frankie is a labradoodle and although he is a puppy he's been a darn good one. So far all the raving about labradoodles has been correct. He is being a good boy and the kids are loving him. He rode all the way back to Omaha on Angelo's lap.

Playing in the front yard with Frankie. Gia is loving him too and he gives her lots of puppy kisses!

So there you have it! The last month of our lives. I mean we've had a few other things mixed in there...our six year anniversary, Mom and I started a golf league which has been entertaining, we've had lots of people stopping by to say hi and check out the new house...which we love, Gia turned 9 months old.

We're planning our vacation in a few months to Pebble Beach California for the Tour de Elegance and continuing to update the ranch which will eventually get a total transformation in a few years...but until then minor updates.

Are we busy enough for you? Drop a comment...would love to see who stops by and if you'd like me to update more often!


Julie said...

Your life makes me tired just reading about it, but I LOVE watching all of your craziness!!! It makes my life with a husband and 7 year old seem too quiet...maybe I will be inspired to do something crazy :) Love reading and seeing updated pictures.

The Kennedys said...

Congrats on the move and the new little puppy! You have had a crazy month! Hope things settle down for you, just a little bit :)

Schumacher said...

Wowsers! That IS alot!!!! I love the before & after pics! The house looks beautiful (after)! :) Time is flying! I have not seen you since Angelo! I'll be in Des Moines June 25-July 1 if, you happen to be there .... :) LOVE THE Blog!

Anonymous said...

I heard you moved, talked to your Dad last week. Your house looks like it is coming along great, fun to fix it like you want.
The children are growing so fast,where has this summer gone.
congrates on you Anniversary also.
Love reading you blog. Aunt Sharon

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Your blog is not loading in my reader for some reason, and today I just happened to pop by and realized I'd missed this!!

You guys are crazy...I love crazy.

And please, please tell me you're playing shuffle board in the basement during your "free" time ;)