Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Madness

The past month has been INSANE! Obviously I wrote about losing our Schnoodie Boy, which I'll admit I cry about almost everynight because I miss his little head lying on my leg. But we are slowly moving on and even doing new dog research. Right now it's between a labradoodle and a Wheaten, but it changes often. Any suggestions are welcome...I just want NO SHEDDING! And something good with kids of course!

Here we are by the sold sign at our new house! We're still not sure when we're moving, but it should be sometime this month. We have some things to do before we move in like....paint everything and refinish the hardwood floors. We're a little crazy, but we're moving for the neighborhood, yard, school in the back yard and the potential of what the house CAN be, not what it is currently. Which is a 1950's ranch with mint and pink tile! But it does have shuffle board in the that is a bonus! We'll have to suck it up a bit since we're moving from a totally redone home with new cabinets and stainless steel appliances to a home with homeade cabinets and old appliances. Mike keeps saying we should put up a photo of what the house will be on the fireplace mantle so we don't get discouraged, however we do have awhile before we can unlock it's potential!

In the mean time the kids are having fun getting some fresh air and enjoying a few days of spring. Gia is sporting her 8 month old pigtails! She's not crawling but she's trying hard to move. She enjoys trying to snatch Angelo's cars away and listening to him scream "NO GIA!"

We also had a few parties, here we are celebrating Nanu's birthday with chocolate cake of course!


Schumacher said...

MISSING YOU!!!! So glad that you blog... :)

Lindsay said...

Wow! big happenings in your world ~

cheering you on through each and every adventure!!