Monday, May 23, 2011

Life without a dog - not for me!

So after a few weeks crying about missing Pierre I realized pretty quick that I HATE life without a dog. And since our life is total chaos right now anyway we decided, why not just jump right back in and get a new puppy! So we did and above is our new nameless pal! We'll pick him up June 12th from Rose Hill, IA. The pup is a Labradoodle and we can't wait to meet him! We're still working on names, I like Romeo but Mike is still thinking on it. Send name suggestions are way!

Also, we move into our new house this weekend! It's all gone by soo fast and we've been working so hard that I haven't really had time to give updates. We closed on the house May 13th and ever since we've been moving, cleaning and painting. All ceilings, trim and walls have been painted on the first floor and we pulled the old carpet out yesterday and the hard woods are being sanded today. Don't worry, I've been taking before and after photos along the way, so I'll post them soon!


Rob, Paula, Jeremey & Jaydin said...

Awe he is soo cute. He looks like sherpa fleece...snuggly and soft and cuddly. Can't wait to see photos of the new house.

The Kennedys said...

Congrats on your new addition to the family! He's adorable!