Monday, March 21, 2011

We're Cuties!

We finally had a chance to get Angelo's 2 1/2 year and Gia's 6 month shots. We went a few weeks ago with Gia but she was in no mood to get her photos taken, later I realized she had an ear infection and possible RSV - so I guess she had a right to be fussy.

I finally got in touch with an old friend of mine the other day who said, "How is life, it's seems like it's great by reading your blog!" True and also not true. I try to be positive on here...but life is not all "big brothers kissing their little sisters" at our house. In fact the kiss above is the first time he's ever gotten that close to Gia!

I guess we're just like everybody else. We've got pretty awesome moments like Angelo starting to tell secrets, which go something like this..."I love you lots and lots. I"M A TRAIN!" Whatever that means! But I'll take the I love yous! We also enjoy watching little Gia as she starts to babble and smile. She really has a cute personality!

Speaking of her personality and some of those "crazy" mom moments...Saturday we went out to dinner with Mike's parents. Angelo was falling apart towards the end. He looked over at Gia and screamed. It was kind of a wide mouth snarly scream. He does that a lot when he thinks she's getting more attention than him. But this time she turned her head and screamed right back. Hers was a high pitch, much louder, I can do it better than you kind of scream. All the tables around us started to laugh!

Although I think he looks like he's posing for Sr. photos here...he's actually just in potty training! Which brings me to my next "crazy, real life, mom moment." Two weeks ago Gia was sick. Normally on Wednesday nights I don't do baths with the kids because it's Mike's work night. By the time I pick them up from two different day cares, get dinner cooked, eaten and somewhat cleaned up, I'm just too tired to deal with baths. But I felt bad for Gigi since she wasn't feeling well, so I got a hot bath ready for her.

In true Angelo fashion, he got a little jealous and also wanted to take a bath. So I said fine, took all his clothes off and was ready to throw them in together. But, also in true Angelo fashion, he decided to go running down the hall. I was tired of arguing with him so I said fine, run around naked.

I was talking away to Gia in the tub when I looked over and so Angelo pooping on the floor in the bathroom doorway! I grabbed him up, threw him down on the toilet seat...Mike had stepped on the plastic seat a few nights before so it scrapped his leg when I sat him down and he went ballistic! In the middle of his wails he told me he'd already pooped in his bedroom. I told him "DO NOT MOVE" and went running into his bedroom just in time to see Pierre eat the poop off his rug. At this point I'm about to lose my mind! And of course he did move. Not only did he get off the toilet, he ran through the poop in the doorway and down the hall!

I chase after him and yell "God Dammit Angelo, you're better than this! Do not poop on the floor!!" (Did I mention I'd lost my mind at that point?"

Of course Gia is also screaming at this point because I'm yelling and Angelo's crying. I throw him in the tub, poopy feet and butt and all. And scoop of Gia and go get her ready for bed. I told Angelo to sit in the tub until I was done. I heard him in there screaming, "the poop is getting close to me, help!"

Of course he got out of the tub and ran around again and at that point, I had given up and was about to cry when I heard him run down the hall and yell, "God Dammit Schnoodie Boy (this is what he calls the dog) you're better that this! Don't eat my poop!" I start giggling to myself, realizing this is what it's like when all hell breaks loose!

 Luckily Gia went right to bed and I was able to give Angelo a poopless bath and clean the hallway and bathroom. Quite the night! I had to let the daycare know he might say a naughty word, and it was all my fault!

So, yes, I enjoy being a mom. I wouldn't change a thing. But there are days that it's very crazy at our house. Days when I almost cry, sometimes do cry....but then I might laugh seconds later. I think that's called Motherhood!

So even though our pictures are cute...we're just like everyone else...and some days crazier!

The next two photos are Gia's sweet tub shots. Click here, to see her brother's tub shots at six months!

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Jeff Kinion said...

Dang, Gia has more rolls than a donut shop - BOOM!