Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter Activities

I haven't done a lot of blogging lately because I've been busy! Work has been really busy, but a good busy. And home, well that's really busy, but also a good busy.

I usually create my own busy shown here. Last Valentines I felt bad because like 7 other boys had the same "Cars" valentines as Angelo. I wanted him to be original and I thought he had like 12 kids in his class...but after counting in all the part-timers, turns out there is actually 22.

So last week at this time I was gluing 22 candy trains together and the night after that I was cutting out hearts and signing Angelo's name. So my whole be the creative mom, got me in a little over my head!

However the valentines were a success, and there were no others like it!

It actually took me awhile to come up with what to write on the cards...somehow "Valentine you make my fire box sizzle, didn't seem appropriate for a two-year-old's cards.

So at Christmas, our friends, the daycare gift over achievers, told us they gave the daycare provider a $100.00 gift card. In my weak attempt to make up for a homemade scarf and Costco cookies, I put together these little antibacterial hand soap Valentine gifts for Angelo to give his teachers. Actually I also did it because I know they've been helping Angelo with potty training and I've seen what they have to deal with...they can use antibacterial anything!!

We've also been eating some sweet potatoes and sqassss, as Angelo calls it. Gia also just tried peas and they were not accepted. She managed to get down two bites and then gagged the rest back up. She must be watching her big brother as trying anything new these days for him is a huge drama.

One chilly winter day we headed to a train expo. Angelo was in HEAVEN! He actually waited in line for 45 minutes to ride "The real Thomas" as he called it, for two minutes. (By the way I don't know why all my photos are screwy.)

We've also been reading and hanging out with Daddy.

If you haven't already picked up on it, Gia is Daddy's girl!! I can hardly wait till she hits the 2's and then the teens, to see if she can still do no wrong. : )

Pierre also has a thing for Gia. I'm not sure if it's that she smells like formula or that she spits up a lot...he's always game to lick up slop, but he's by her side most of the time. He really seems to run between there two bedrooms checking out who is up to what. He still sleeps in our bed at night but he's been eyeing Angelo's bed and I think when the rail is off he'll be in there for sure!

No one is Angelo's bigger fan than Gia. She could sit in this chair and watch him play trains for quite some time! Angelo is obsessed with his train table that he got for Christmas from Grammy Cella. It's pretty entertaining to listen to him push them around. It's actually pretty fun to play with, even Mike and I have a good time playing trains!

 Gia sitting in Angelo's room with her dolly.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

This might be my favorite post EVER! Ben and I are sitting on the couch and I read it to him and I couldn't stop laughing...about the valentines trains and antibacterial it.

And Gia is so cute! Her and Lucy have the same Baby Stella dolly...Lucy eats the pacifier.

Jana said...

Great minds think alike! I sent antibacterial soap with Connor to school for his teacher with his hand prints and Olivia's teachers got lotion with her hand prints!!