Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Updates

Winter has been busy and blogging, well it just hasn't been a priority lately. But I do have lots to fill you in on.

First, our little Gia is now four months old! Can you believe it? Where does the time go? I took her in to the Dr. on Tuesday and she is 27" long and weighs 17 lbs. 12.4 oz. Needless to say, she's in the 100 percentile for both. Looks like she's taking after Angelo. He was the same length at four months but one full pound heavier!

The doctor said we need to work on more tummy time and she is not to sleep in her car seat any more as her back is starting to arc to the right. He said it should straighten out on its own with tummy time and we sure hope so! It's always something with kids that makes your heart race. When the doctor was flipping her over and looking at her spine I was panicking inside. Obviously it's a minor issue but still, you just don't want your kids to have anything wrong.

So even though she screams bloody murder, she's being forced to do four, 20 minute sessions of tummy time a day. I'm also thinking of taking her to a chiropractor. I'm interested in thoughts on that.

Here's our little tubby in her bath. I'm thinking she'll be able to have a pony tail be her first birthday if her hair keeps growing!

Here I am with Angelo on Christmas Eve. It was, to say the least, so magical. He was so excited about every gift and so very polite about everything he received. I don't know how many times I heard, "Thank you Santa, Thank you!" come out of his mouth.

He was more excited Christmas morning to see that Santa had a bite of one of his homemade cookies and Rudolf had eaten the carrots than opening his gifts. It was all he could talk about.

His favorite gift was definitely the train table my mom got him. He has it set up in his room and it is providing hours of entertainment. I love hearing him push the trains along and making up his little stories for them all. Every night he puts all the engines to bed in the round house!

Here's my cuties in their matching pj's at Grandma Cella's house. The pj's say, "What Santa doesn't bring me, Grandma will." And between the two grandmas that was oh so true!

When I was growing up my grandma's gave me one or two gifts. Grandma Dilly usually gave us all something we needed, like flannel sheets or maybe if you were lucky a sleeping bag. Grandma Weinberg was more fun, with her you might get a game or a Barbie doll. However neither, and this is because they had more than two grand kids, gave presents like Angelo and Gia's Grandma's!

But looking back at our own living room mess...I guess we were just as guilty!

And the Grandpa's aren't much better! Gia received her fourth doll of Christmas from my dad. I had to chuckle as I pictured my dad in a toy isle picking out a little dolly! For all of you who know him, I'm sure you're also getting a kick out of the image. The photo above also makes me laugh, Gia is really ready to reach out and grab that mustache!

I think Grandpa had a little more fun buying the flashlight, helicopter and remote control car for Angelo.

We don't get to see my dad or my family in Iowa as much as I would like. We went back over New Years Eve and were able to stay with my Aunt Lois and Uncle Mikey. We had so much fun seeing everyone and we were glad they put up with us.

Angelo is right in the middle of potty training and has to stand on a stool to reach the potty. At home he is use to getting a sticker everytime he goes and he usually sticks them all over his stool. Bad Mommy, I forgot stickers for the trip. So Aunt Lois gave him her address labels as a replacement. Two year old's don't get too hung up on what the sticker is, so they excited him! He proceeded to stick them all over her little chair everytime he went. I'm sure everyone was wondering why there where Mike and Lois Miller address labels all over the bathroom!

I hope you all had as wonderful of holidays as we did. It is nice to be able to enjoy friends and family and watch your children enjoy the season. Happy 2011 bloggy friends!


Anonymous said...

Michelle, I love the picture of the children and Grandpa Weinberg, I chuckled also when I thought of my brother shopping for a doll!!
I am glad you were able to be together with him. I wish he would come over here more. Got to give him a call again.
Hope your 2011 is a great year.
Your children are adorable!!!!
Love, Aunt Sharon

Jana said...

Michelle, love your header, the kids are so cute in the tub..I always loved throwing them in at the same Connor's too cool for it.
I chuckled visualizing Uncle David dolly shopping and the address labels..we had to do that with Connor and he was so thrilled about the stickers! Love that they get excited with the simple things.
Gia is getting so big! I would say go for it for chiropractor that works with pediatrics..they do marvelous things.
Happy 2011~
Love, Jana
UM what size is Gia in? I have a package staring at me for your kiddos and hoping it's not too small for Gia;()

melanie said...

What an awesome update, I love the stickers all over the toilet. They are so beautiful. Gia looks so old with all of her hair, can't wait to make up for not seeing her next summer.
& she did really want to grab your dad's moustache..