Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Friend

Today is Sarah from Life in the Parsonages birthday. She wrote me a nice birthday post last Thursday, and so a week later I'm returning the favor. Although I don't have a cute photo of us from when we were young, I do have kind words.

Sarah and I have been friends for many years now. We met each other while attending St. Paul's Elementary school. We even went to the same morning babysitter and walked to school each day together. We also left the elementary school together at the same time, leaving to go to public school. I can't remember all the reasons behind why we left, but I know part of it had to do with both Sarah and I being bad math students in fourth grade and having to sit in another room while they were doing the math lessons. Our moms were not pleased! Speaking of that, our moms also got to be friends, they did PTA and other church activities together, and although I don't think they spoke of it back then, they also had similar husbands, which was why they were doing the church activities together, without husbands!

So elementary, Jr. high and high school came and went. And those same to girls who weren't very good at math were trying to decide what to do about college. Now, let me get this straight, Sarah and I were always friends, but not best friends. It wasn't till we both ended up in college together that we ended up "besties." (I just heard that dorky term the other day and needed to use it!)

So off to college we went. Sarah went so she could be close to Ben's college, I went so I was halfway between my mom in Omaha and my dad back in small town Iowa. We shared an apartment with two girls we'd never met, and we shared our own bedroom and bathroom. We both had loft beds and we talked every night. We shared clothes, we shared secrets, we cried, we laughed, and we became best friends.

That first year of college Sarah and Ben got engaged. Sarah left to plan her wedding and I was a bridesmaid. We became so close that year of school that I think of her often even though it's been over ten years since we shared our tiny room. I often laugh about some of the crazy things that happened or what Sarah would say about certain things I'm doing or wearing.

We see each other every once in awhile. And I miss her, oh I miss her!!

So today, I wish my very good friend of many years, a happy, happy birthday!

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Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Aww, thanks! So thankful for your friendship :)

And I'm still terrible at math!!!