Monday, November 1, 2010


Watching your child say trick-or-treat for the first time is a big time high. This year was so much fun. I loved last year but this year Angelo actually "got it" and it was so sweet. He knew that he was a JI Joe (as he called it), he knew he had on dog tags and was wearing camouflage and he knew he was with his friend Marleigh. All of it was just too darn cute!

Gia joined the fun as a pumpkin (although she doesn't appear happy below). She rode in the baby backpack and seemed to enjoy the fresh air, letting her big brother enjoy collecting nm-a-nmms (that M&M's to you and me).

Here's to trick-or-treating. Having kids is so fun, you kind of get to relive your childhood through your children, and after they sort the candy and you do a little tricking of your might get a treat too.


Rob, Paula, Jeremey & Jaydin said...

CUTE years of the kids dressing up are dwindling...but I so enjoy handing out the candy and watching all the little ones experience the joy of trick or treating.

Lindsay said...

Trick or treating ... a GREAT way to get a good dose of chocolate :)

So I didn't come through with my promise ... but this is the week it will be sent :)

Sending love your way!!

The Kennedy's said...

How fun! I agree...I got the biggest "high" out of watching Jackie trick or treat too! She kept saying, "let's go to another house!" Looks like Angelo (and Gia) had fun!