Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Two Months Already

Yesterday marked two months with our little sweet pea. This week also marked the official end of my maternity leave and I am back full-time at work and I guess that means things are starting to normalize for the Gibilisco family.

While the last two months have not been easy what-so-ever, we've handled the changes well. Somehow we manage to get what has to be done, done, with little to no sleep.

Last night, one of the worst for sleep so far, Mike and I rambled between infant and toddler room barely touching our own bed. I was a little jealous of Pierre when I realized he had the whole bed to himself all night.

Gia has been an angel baby. She seems to be fine for the most part hanging by herself and if it weren't for her milk, soy, protein intolerance and reflux I don't think she would ever fuss at all. Angelo had the same eating issues as Gia but he was inconsolable. He cried 15 hours or more a day. And many days while on maternity leave with him I thought I might just lose my mind.

Luckily as soon as Gia showed signs of reflux and MSPI we were on top of it. Now she's happy drinking her liquid gold formula of Alimentum and seems to keep her reflux at bay by adding cereal in her bottle. I'm so happy we were able to get this figured out early with Gia.

Yesterday she went for her two month check up and weighed in at 13.8 lbs and 24.5 inches. She is growing well and appears to be tall, just like mommy and big brother, so far.

I'm happy to be back to work and have my space. But it's hard and our mornings and nights are wild. But we're all adjusting and learning to be flexible.

It's funny, it has only been two months, but I can't imagine the Gibilisco family without our sweet Gia. She's quiet but she fits right in. Angelo has even started to talk to her and seems to be realizing she's not going anywhere. He tells her about his day, gives her stuffed animals and pacifiers. Mike is just crazy over her and I have to admit he runs down the hall before I do when she cries in the night. She is definitely daddy's girl!

It's amazing how much your life can change in two months. How you can take on more than you ever thought you could handle and some how pull it off. How you think you're gonna lose it and then you see your baby girl smile at the same time as your toddler yells "Love you Mommy" and you realize you can take on the world twice over.

In the past two months I've held a baby while scooping poop out of the bath tub. I've managed to hold a bottle in a baby's mouth while simultaneously crawling under a toddlers bed in the middle of the night and rescuing Lightning McQueen who had rolled out of bed, causing extreme panic. Read goodnight story after story holding both kids on my lap, bouncing one while somehow holding the book still with the other arm. Put on a surprise birthday roast for my mom. And many, many other incredible tasks that might normally take a stunt double!

In two months my life has become crazy, two kids has flipped my type "A" world upside down. But I'm happy for the flip, it's worth it.

Exhausted, but happy and hoping the next two months bring a few more hours of sleep my way.



The Kennedy's said...

So glad things are going well for the Giblisco fam of 4!

Jana said...

I like your analogy of the type A being flipped upside true! Mothers are the silent heroes in life.....and it shows when we can multi-task like you provided examples of.....I know at a period in my life I was a one-armed cook!