Saturday, October 16, 2010

Peaceful Moments

I'm alone and it feels so good. It's so quiet right now. No baby crying, no dog barking, no toddler yelling. I can hear our little fountain out in the yard pitter-patter and the fall leaves blowing in the breeze. It's quite wonderful. It's funny how much you take for granted peaceful moments until you actually get them. Ah, it's Saturday afternoon, and I'm alone!

Not really alone, Pierre is here and could bark at a squirrel any moment, Angelo is upstairs taking a nap and could wake up any moment, but for this moment, I'm alone! Mike and Gia left to go to a Husker football game party, although it doesn't sound like it will be much of a party from the score I'm seeing! (That's ok, I'm a Hawkeye living in Husker land so I don't care.)

Yesterday was kind of a wild day. A day where nothing was accomplished because one little girl decided not to sleep a wink and cry all day unless she was placed in the baby carrier. She was in a mood, and so was I.

The night before I had left both kids with Mike to go get much needed hair care. It took over an hour to get to Rain Salon in downtown Omaha due to an accident along I-80. And normally the slow traffic would have driven me over the edge, but not Thursday night. Nope, Thursday I relished in my alone time. I ate my dinner of a  Midnight Truffle Blizzard while listening to my I-Pod, singing loudly between bites with no one to tell me they wanted Elmo songs on instead or wailing in the background on my way to my appointment. Luckily my hair designer of the Gods, Tristan, didn't care that I was late. Then I had a relaxing time chatting it up with her. She made me look super fabulous by curling my usual non-curly hair in a super cool way that I can't figure out even after tutoring. Then I left to meet Mike's cousin Kerri at our favorite dive bar, the Phoenix. Now here's where it started to go down hill for me.

After not having drank for over nine months, two beers made me feel kinda woozy. That and the cigarettes I decided were smart for me to smoke. So, between the sleep deprivation and added nicotine, well I wasn't feeling myself not to mention it was late. Really late for a mom whose been heading to bed around 9:00 p.m. in case of a baby wake in the night.

At 1:15 a.m. I walked through my front door. Mike was somewhat awake, you know the kind where you have a 6 week old baby and you're constantly on edge because you never know when you're going to have to jump out of bed and run down the hall, kind of awake. So he helped pull off my boots. I prepped for bed and then we decided I should just go feed Gia then, even though she wasn't awake. (Don't worry people, I'm not breast feeding, and really I only had two beers!)

She sleepily ate her bottle and went back to bed...for about an hour or so. Then she was up and down for the rest of the night.

So by Friday morning, I was so tired and not in a great mood! Her and I roughed it out together through the whole day, grouching back and forth. She finally won. By 6:00 p.m. I was so tired of her crying that I stole Angelo and left her with Daddy to go to the store. Well, her Daddy is a miracle worker. By the time we got back with grocerys he'd given her a bath, fed her a bedtime bottle and put her to bed! He even took this photo of her smiling and cooing. He's like the freakin baby whisperer!

She slept great and today we renewed our friendship and headed to Polleys Pumpkin Patch. We hadn't been there before but it was so cute. The prices were reasonable compared to other venues. Only $6.00 to get in and pumpkins were only .35 per pound. Pony rides were $3.50.

Angelo had a great time riding on the hayrack ride to pick out his pumpkins, seeing the baby chicks, bunnies, goats and pigs. He also rode a pony and a John Deere pedal car. It was a great day and nice to be out in the fresh air. Gia loved it too and quietly slept the whole time.

So far my weekend has been wonderful. Tomorrow is Gia's baptism and then Monday I go back to work part-time for a few weeks till I go back full-time. So I'm excited to enjoy the weekend and my remaining days as a stay-at-home mom. But for now...Mike and Gia just got home, so time for me to head back to reality.

In the mean time, feel free to take my survey here. Hopefully you're all having a nice quiet weekend.

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Jana said...

Ah, yes. Must grab your own oxygen before helping others with theirs. God Bless you Gia on your baptism and best wishes to you on your first day of work.