Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cousin Time

Cousins have always been a big part of my life. I think it's the whole only child thing. Now, because I married an only child, they just continue to remain a wonderful constant in my life but I've picked up a few more as well!

I love all my cousins, but I'm definitely closest to my cousin Ashley, who is blogless. I babysat for Ashley and her brother growing up. I hung out at their house all the time. Ashley's parents have the kind of place where people just feel comfortable stopping by. There is always good food, friends and a warm feeling at their house. In high school I can remember running cross country and taking the whole team by their house to drink out of their hose, that's the kind of place they had.

Anyway as we grew older Ashley and I changed from the babysitter and babysittee, to friends. She was my Maid of Honor and I was also in her wedding. We've had fun trips and holidays together. And now our daughters are just two weeks apart!

We were so lucky to have Ashley and Hazel come visit us last weekend. We hadn't seen them since our weekend in Nebraska City and little Hazel is growing into quite a pretty little girl!

Angelo wasn't quite sure what to think of having two newborns at our house, but he managed! Our weekend was a little different than our past cousin weekends; shopping, going out to eat and then hitting the bars! This one was a little more laid back. Our big event was going to Treat Street at the MacDome, which was a total disappointment. You had to pay $6.00 to get in and then parents were solicited by Home Security type vendors while they placed minimal amounts of candy into a scared two-year-olds sack. The only fun thing was the bath tub go-carts. I'm sure I gave quite a show, as I can only fit into my low rise jeans at the moment, and I couldn't sit in the tub because my legs are so long. So I drove Angelo in the tub while trying to keep my crack from showing!

Angelo of course, did not want to leave the bath tub go-carts. He was not pleased when his turn was over.
Afterwards we headed to Famous Dave's where Mike and Ashley both fed babies and I tried to keep a two-year-old under control. The whole table was surrounded by car seats, strollers and diaper bags. I'm sure no one wanted to sit near our group!

We did sneak away to get a pedicure and then we were smart and made salads at home for dinner. Going out is just two hard with three kiddos! I was also able to perfect my popovers. Mike and I had these in Maine and went crazy over them. We had tried them before and they didn't turn out, but after buying the $18.00 popover tin, they work! A small price to pay for sweet doughy perfection! I highly recommend trying them, but get the tin first.

On Sunday we tried the going out thing one more time and met my Mom and Bob for brunch at Granite City. The babies were great, the two-year-old was trying my patience, but we made it through with minimal naughtiness! Luckily they immediately sat us in the family area of the restaurant.

The breakfast buffet was the last horah for Ashley, Mom and myself. We've just begun the 10 pounds off by the end of 2010 challenge. We weighed in Sunday and we'll weigh in again in 2011. Anyone who doesn't lose 10 pounds by the end of the challenge pays the members who did $10.00. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Ashley and my mom wish to keep their weight totals off my blog. They're no fun! Check my weight loss at the 10X10 page. Leave a note if you have tips and inspiration for us.

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