Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Staying Cool!

These days, we Midwesterners are trying hard to stay cool, especially the pregnant ones! So if that entails sitting like a beached whale in the baby pool for hours...well that's what we'll do.

Luckily for the Gibilisco clan, our friends and family both have easy access to pools. So Sunday night we set out for a little water play.

Angelo and his friend Ryan race into the pool both holding their beloved "rockets." Angelo has been sleeping with his ever since. He keeps saying, "Ryan has a blue one and Angelo has red one."

Mom's can play this game too...anything to cool off! (Me at 35/36 weeks.)

Don't let him fool you with his cute looks...almost everything that comes out of his mouth is "NO." : )

These guys already know that snack time is one of the best parts of swimming.

Trouble with a Capital "T"!

Mike and I are realizing each day that our son is quickly approaching the "Terrible Two's." Although usually more funny than terrible, we're having to adjust ourselves quickly to handle the occasional outbursts.

A few of the tantrums have been something like this:

This morning Mike was trying to put on Angelo's shoes and he said, "No Daddy, Angeno pick shoes." So Mike let him open the shoe drawer where he of course wanted to wear his Sunday shoes. He was quite irritated when he couldn't wear them but finally chose another pair.

Yesterday when I dropped him off and school he freaked out when I left the red rocket ship in the car and told him it would be there later and that he'd lose it in school. He dropped to the ground yelling "I want my rocket" and yet somehow I managed to drag him into the building with his bag, enter the security code and open the door with one hand, holding Angelo and the bag in the other, waddling like a duck down the hall. He calmed down when he saw his friends. Thank Goodness!

We took Pierre to the vet on Saturday due to his bleeding gums. I was holding Pierre and Angelo became quite upset that the dog was getting all the attention so he began to yell, "My Mommy!" Repeatedly. So I can't wait to see how he'll handle his new brother or sister being held! : )

So, although not earth shattering, the tantrums are mildly funny but can at times drive even the most patient person crazy. I keep reminding myself of a line I read in a toddler book, "they are the little cavemen, you're the civilized adult." Civilized right, notice I'm not telling you the stories about Mike and I throwing tantrums! haha!

Oh Angelo, you truly are a sweet boy...I just have to write these stories down so I can share them with you someday when you have a toddler of your own!


Lindsay said...

How fun!! So glad you're documenting all of this ... you'll thank yourself :) And Angelo will too!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

You look great mama! I see so much of you in Angelo, do other people say that?