Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In Effort to Get Lots of Comments...

Since I only have 3 weeks and 2 days left till my scheduled c-section and I'm feeling lonely in bloggy world, I thought I'd get the baby pool started. The winner gets one of my yarn scarves...although you won't get it till later this fall....I'll be just a little busy in a few more weeks!

Leave your answers in my comments box regarding:
Due Date

I do have a scheduled c-section for Sept 2nd. So I won't go past that date and it will most likely end up on that date...but you never know! For a little extra fun you can leave name guesses as well. For both boy or girl it's an Italian name again - the boy name ends in "O" and the girl name in "A".

Have fun! Hope to see lots of comments! I'm missing you all this very hot, hot summer!


Jana said...

Girl, Sept. 2nd, 7lbs. 14oz. 21 1/2 inches long. and I'll have to search baby names before I take a guess. Hope all is going well with you and you are keeping cool... I remember feeling miserable about this time with Olivia. Enjoy your time as three and get lots of rest....you'll enjoying your time with four soon!

Jana said...

okay, I'm guessing the name will be Bella.

Julie said...

Girl, Sept 2nd, 8lbs, 21 inches long, names Mila. Tricky on the last letter being "a" for a girl seeing how most of Italian girls names end in "a". I am so excited to meet the new member of the Gibilisco family and see how Angelo likes his new sibling!!!

Ashley said...

Girl, 8 lbs, 2 oz. 21.5" born on your C-section date of 90210! :)
And for the name...Giada Marcella.

If it is Bella, you and Landon must have the same taste in names. :)

I think we may end up surprising a few people with our name if it is a boy!

Emily O'Connor said...

Girl named Gia 8lbs 6 oz. 21 inches.

Kevin said...

Boy/Enrico Gianni Gibilisco/8.5 lbs/20 inches/09-01

LM said...



Kerri de la Vega said...

Girl, 7lbs. 13oz. 20in Sophia

The Kennedy's said...

Girl, Bianca, 8lbs 9oz, 20.5 in, 9/2
Hope all is going well these last few weeks. I'm sure you are getting antsy! Thinking of you!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Looks like everyone's going for girl!

Lucy thinks it's a girl. She also thinks Lucia sounds good. :) I have no idea if that's italian or not. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEWS!!! YAY!