Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm a Big Kid Now!

This was a photo of Angelo on his first day of his new school at 17 months. I remember crying when I left and the teacher strapping him into his little chair so he wouldn't run after me.

Now some six months later he usually walks in holding my hand and then makes a run for it over to his table to sit with his friends. He knows all their names, Tessa (his BFF), Jack, Sean, Brody, Theo, Elizabeth, Ellie, Molly and others. Somedays he wants me to stay with him, but a lot of days he could care less about ol Mommy.

He sits in a chair with no strap and he drinks out of a cup, not a sippy cup. He knows to fold his hands and he says, "God is Great, God is Good, and we thank him for our food, Amen. And it's the cutest thing how he keeps his eyes shut while saying his prayer.

I was informed yesterday not only of a rate increase (this seems to be a current theme when you're budgeting for a new baby) but also that Angelo is moving to a new class, 'The Green Star Room' at the end of the month.  In the Green Star room they focus on potty training and dealing with emotions. I'm excited because these are things that need focused on right now. He'll also do a Move and Groove program each week which is dancing and gymnastics, singing on Thursdays and arts and crafts on Tuesdays. He'll also be in a few plays throughout the year.

So although I'm paying more (only $12.00 a month more) I still feel like it's so worth it and he really loves all his friends and teachers. I'm lucky to have found such a great place.

The baby will go to an in-home daycare and then move to Angelo's school around the same time he did. Both will also go to Grandma Sandy's two days a week. I put the baby's car seat in yesterday and Angelo informed me it would sit back there with him and watch the Cars movie and drink chocolate milk! Sounds like the new baby will be well taken care of by big brother Angelo!

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