Monday, August 23, 2010

Angelo's 2nd Birthday!!

I tend to over due parties just a smidge...and at 38 weeks pregnant I was pretty pooped out after this one, but it was well worth it!
Gibilisco family with Elmo!
Elmo Cupcake Cake (No I didn't make this...I'm not totally crazy!)
Dorthy the Goldfish much.
Elmo Bites - Fudge covered oreos with an Elmo head. Super easy.
I almost ate all of these before the party.
Each year I decorate a birthday hat - this is number two.
I gave each of the guests their very own Dorthy fish to take home as their favor.
Grandma Cella posing by her gift to Angelo - how cool is that little car?
Angelo not quite sure what to think of Elmo!
Our friends with Elmo
What a great day for my sweet boy to turn two! I can't believe how fast it's went.


Rob, Paula, Jeremey & Jaydin said...

What fun!!! He has grown up so much, such a cute little man. You look awesome Shelley.

Lindsay said...

WOW!! What a party! You look beautiful ... and I can't wait for the big news :)

Happy Birthday Angelo ~