Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Updates

Holy Cow! I can't believe it's already the middle of July and I've barely posted this summer. I keep thinking I need photos to go with my posts and I never seems to find time to download and edit my photos to get them on here! So photos or no photos I'm just gonna start typing and fill you in on our busy summer - so bare with me, this could be a long post.

In baby news, I have only seven weeks left and the count down has begun! It's been a crazy pregnancy. I've gotten tons of colds, the flu and last week I was rear ended. I was driving Angelo home from daycare and out of nowhere a lady came flying into the back of us. Neither one of us was hurt but my new car is in the shop and will be there till July 23rd. Ugh!

Anyway the lady flew across the street up over the neighbors curb and into their driveway. She popped three tires and broke two sprinkler heads. Water was shooting all over. She admitted that she had just looked down for a moment. Scary stuff!

I went into Mom mode right away. Running to Angelo side and checking him out. He was totally fine. He cried a little mostly because I'm sure I was freaking him out, but then calmed down when he got to see the "Peece Cars".  The funny thing was I didn't think much about my other child. When I got home I could feel the baby move so I figured everything was alright. It wasn't until the next day when I went in for my two week check up that the Dr. totally freaked me out. Once he heard we'd been rear ended he quickly ordered a blood test and a non-stress test on the heart. So what is usually like 15 minutes ended up being over an hour and I sat in the recliner listening to my babies heart beat away. Everything was fine, but I felt a little guilty for not even thinking there could be an issue. It got me thinking, is the second child already going to be ignored? Poor baby! Don't haven't let me forget you once with all your crazy kicking!


I'm also busily working on two parties. Parties are my favorite right after planning vacations. I love planning all the little details of each. The first party is Angelo's 2nd Birthday. It's an Elmo theme and I've even hired Elmo to stop by for photos! It should be pretty entertaining although I'm trying to not go over board since I'm due within two weeks of Angelo's party. More on that party to come.

The second party is for my Mom. She turns 60 this Sept. and I've invited her family and friends for a weekend in Nebraska City. I'm planning a few surprises but just in case she's reading...those will have to wait as well. I'll leave you with a little blast from the past though as I've been scanning in some great photos for part of her surprise!

Here's Mom in 1973 in front of her prized Firebird showing off her "Dilly" legs!

Here she is on another toy. Mom's kind of a gear head!

Mom on Dad's Cheville in 1969.
This is not part of Mom's party but it is funny so I thought I'd share...This is my Dad with Aunt Lois. Lois just had a birthday as well so I thought I'd scan it for a laugh. And for some of you reading -- you may never have seen my dad with hair, so that's good for a laugh as well!

So, more to come on the party planning but it's been fun to think of all the great memories I've shared with my mom and I'm really having fun planning this one because I know she's gonna get a kick out of it and so will everyone else! I'm trying to get everything ready now since I'll have a newborn and all...might not have time for all my finicky details later!


On a more serious note, Mike lost his Nanu yesterday afternoon - Sebastian "Marco" Gibilisco. It was a blessing but still a loss. Nanu had been missing Nana ever since she passed in October of 2008. We are sad to see him go and we'll miss him but there are many memories that will remain forever.

Here's a shot I took of the four Gibilisco Generations shortly after Angelo was born. From left to right, Nanu Ross, Great Nanu Marco, Angelo Ross and Mike.


I have just one more many of you know, Mike's cousin Kerri's two oldest daughters have Juvenile Diabetes. Francesca and Isabelle (7 and 10) have to prick their fingers several times a day and wear an insulin pump at all times. They are walking for a cure on Aug. 7th. Please help support them by donating even just $5.00. Click here if you'd like to help

I'll upload more pregnancy photos and fourth of July photos soon! I haven't forgotten about you bloggy friends!


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I love those pictures of your mom! Happy Birthday Cella!!

melanie said...

The pics are the best!! Sorry to hear about mike's grandpa :(
Can't wait to see what the newest Gibs is.. so exciting!!

Jen said...

We are looking forward to Angelo's birthday party and Elmo!