Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baby Boom

This past weekend I headed to tiny town USA, a.k.a Madrid, Iowa (which is becoming more remote, I might add) to my cousins' baby shower. Erika (left) is due in October and Ashley (right) is due in August and of course me in the middle, due in Sept (actually the c-section is scheduled for Sept. 2nd.

The trip was nice, I was able to see lots of aunts and cousins and even Grandpa Bob. I miss them all terribly and always feel more myself when I get to be around them - especially my cousins!

It was fun to see the soon to be, new moms open all their cute little gifts. I even got a few new "spotless" bibs and burb clothes for Giblet Number Two.

All of us girls are waiting to find out and it's getting exciting. I vote Ashley's having a boy and Erika and I are having girls. We'll see if I'm right. Lots of others think they're all girls.

Gotta get the belly shots in!

Great Grandpa Bob with Isabelle, Miah and Ailah.

Angelo wasn't too into the shower other than drinking lemonade with a straw out of baby bottles and shoving cupcakes in his face. He managed to make it into one photo with his second cousins but was quick to run off! He's just not that into this girly stuff! He did get his first birthday gift and was excited about that. Thanks Dilly kids!

We managed to make it home in one piece and driving with an almost two-year-old had it's moments, but I was happy to have my car back with the DVD player. Thank God for DVD players - can't hardly imagine road trips without them!


Schumacher said...

Oh I know the joys of traveling w/ kids :) You look terrific! How fun to have the babes close in age. So wish you lived closer. I will call this weekend!

Rob, Paula, Jeremey & Jaydin said...

Shelli, you all look so cute. How fun to have your babies all the same ages. Will be looking for photos of the new arrival on the 2nd...I still think you should reconsider the 7th. Hehe.