Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One More Down - Hot Springs National Park

If you know me, or you read this blog, you know that I'm a National Park junkie and that every vacation I go on I try to make revolve around National Parks. So...we decided to take a little get away trip before the baby comes. However, after ten hours in the car, I'm not sure you'd still call it little, especially at over six months pregnant!

I tried to get these photos to do what they're suppose to and be chronological, but no such luck. So in no particular order...Hot Springs National Park, Hot Springs, Arkansas.

On our second day, we took a little hike through Oachita National Forest. The hike was about 2.5 miles, just perfect for me. There were a few little steep inclines and small little steps, but I made it to see the waterfall!

The water under the falls was about five foot deep at the most. However, leave it to the locals to do back flips and dives into the water. I was getting a little nervous that we were going to have some major injuries so we decided to hike back to our home away from home!

So, I hate my pregnant pictures, some people say they've never looked more beautiful than when they're pregnant. Not me! My face swells up like a balloon, as does the rest of me! So I was glad that mom and Bob decided to stick there bellies out as well!

Now, if you've ever been to Hot Springs, you know that the National Park and city are quite a disappointment. Hot Springs National Park is the only National Park that is located in a city. I believe they made it into a park to stop everyone from contaminating the springs. Most of them are capped off although there are a few that people can get water out of. We saw many people filling 10 gallon buckets of the supposed "magic" spring waters and carrying them home? I'm not sure. We didn't take any and the bath houses made sure I knew the water was 140+ degrees and not pregnant women could be near. You'll notice in the photo above everyone patiently waiting for me to take my 100th potty break!

The best part of our trip was definitely where we stayed. It was called Lookout Pointe and I found it through an Exclusive Bed and Breakfast site. We have been to one other off this site and it was amazing as well. If you're going somewhere sans children, I highly recommend checking out the site to see if there are any B&B's on the list in the area. We have had wonderful luck so far. Below are a few more photos of the inn.

Here's Mike, Mom and Bob at the beginning of our waterfall hike.


Lindsay said...

I think you're beautiful pregnant! :) How much fun you had ... and another {park} checked off the list!

Have a GREAT rest of your week ~

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Fun! I think you look great! Your park fascination cracks me up, I love you and your quirky fascination ;)

melanie said...

Agreed, you are beautiful!! I love the posed shots of you, cella, & bob.. too funny!!!

Rob, Paula, Jeremey & Jaydin said...

What a great trip! Looks beautiful and made for a nice little get away. Your photos captured the beauty well. (both you and the park)