Friday, June 11, 2010

Five Years of Change

Five years ago today, I was wearing white, holding a beautiful bouquet of peonies, Gerber daisies and star gazer lilies. I was feeling on top of the world, in love and excited to start my new life as Michelle Gibilisco. Five years later, I can't even begin to tell you how much my world has changed.

Mike and I met when we were both swingin single. Our week revolved around who we were going out with on Friday and Saturday night, what we would wear and what bar we'd be drinking in. I was more of the beer guzzling karaoke singer, while Mike preferred glow sticks and techno (something we all still tease him about). Now, while I can't say that our early married life differed tons, I can say the bar scene became less and less present in our lives, and I'm pretty sure Mike never picked up any glow sticks again, although he may surprise me.

We had a small house that we worked on almost daily together. We did crazy things that people who've never owned homes before do, like purchase a flat roof house, then knock out walls, paint concrete floors with four colors of expensive bronze paint, and use granite paint on the walls. But we had fun and slowly, instead of deciding what bar we were going to on the weekend the question became what home improvement store would we be visiting.

Together we lived in our little house for about two years and then traded up for a larger one thinking we'd start a family soon and a two bedroom, one bath wasn't going to cut it. We moved into the house we're in now and I'll never forget the day we moved. We were both grinning from ear to ear. Feeling like big shots because it was the first "big" house that was purchased out of our group of friends and we were pretty jazzed about showing it off.

Our house while big, still had plenty of updates and had tons of work to do in the yard. We worked our little fingers to the bone, pulling old weeds, digging out an insane amounts of farm lilies and phitzer bushes (why does anyone plant those nasty things?). Dragging rocks that were willie nillie all over the yard into nice borders and building water features.
Time spent together was working on projects and going on vacations and planning a party or two. And then suddenly there was Angelo and our whole only child do whatever we want whenever we want life had changed forever. Now there was nap and feeding schedules and time spent together changed from working on house projects to just making sure the house was somewhat clean and running to Costco for more diapers and formula rushing, to get home for the next nap and hoping maybe we could squeeze one in for ourselves.

Now don't get me wrong, we love and loved our son. But the change in our lives was really something we weren't prepared for. My Kenneth Cole and Armani brand wearing husband suddenly wore Old Navy most days and we were cool with that and just hoped he didn't leave the house with spit up on his shirt. But he did it all in stride. Giving baths like a pro, reading "Go Dog Go" and "Goodnight Moon" several times a night, creating a master formula making system and still making me feel like I was the best thing since sliced bread.

Angelo will be two in August and the new baby will be born shortly after that. We've just started to figure out a system of function between the three of us and I know that will be rocked again soon. But just like each task we've taken on I know we'll do it together. We'll work as a team.

When I became Michelle Gibilisco, I had no idea that I'd take on a team mate to watch me at my best and worst, to recite "Go Dog Go" with, plant flowers with and do every day tasks with. I had no idea someone would take on my crazy idea of visiting all the National Parks, see me naked after a c-section, listen to me and help me through my daily issues, cook dinner each night and truly be my partner in parenting.

And if you had told me that the good looking guy in white pants with glow sticks dancing to techno music was going to be all of those things, well I would have never believed you....but he's all those things and more. He's my husband of five years and I can't wait to see what other changes life brings our way!


Jana said...

This is an awesome entry. Happy Anniversary!

Lindsay said...

LOVE this post!! Wishing you many more GREAT years to come!!

Happy Summer!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

This is beautiful, Shell!

Happy Anniversary you two!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Michelle and Mike, can't believe it's been 5 years already. We will be married 45 years on Sunday, the 13th.
Here's to many more years to you and Mike. love Aunt Sharon

melanie said...

You had the most beautiful wedding-but it didnt end there. Congrats guys!! Love ya & can't wait to meet the newest addition to your awesome clan!

Jen said...

Aaaaahhh, so sweet! Happy belated anniversary! Can't wait to meet your little one when she (I'm getting a "she" vibe) gets here. Byt, who DOES plant those nasty lillies and bushes? I hate those things!