Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Crack" Me Up!

We took Angelo to the pool this weekend. Mom has a neighborhood pool she joins each year. He had so much fun and is somewhat of a dare devil in the water. He wanted to jump in the deep end and he didn't want anyone to hold him in the water. Guess it's time for some water wings and swim lessons from me. I got him to blow bubbles and kick and maybe with water wings he'll figure out he needs to move his arms as well.

His only issue at the pool was that his little pants just didn't want to stay up!


melanie said...

That is too sweet!!! His cousins have that problem too :) I wish that I could have you give the kids lessons!! The kids private teacher is all grown up, moved, and getting married this summer.. but Im thinking lessons would be good for Trinidad!

The Kennedy's said...

That is too cute!
Hope you are feeling good too!

Jen said...

Will you teach Jack to swim too? He's lovin' it, but you know how I'm ascared of the water.