Monday, May 17, 2010

Big Boy Bed Anxiety

Last week Mike and I were busy working on Angelo's new big boy bedroom. Which meant, all week long I had anxiety. I'm not sure if it was totally based on anxiety about the tantrums I pictured him throwing in his new bed or if it was the fact that my baby...only 20 months old...was already moving into a big boy bed.

He would have been totally happy staying in his crib. But me, the continual over analyzer, was worried that if he didn't move out now, he'd be super unhappy when the new baby came and was suddenly sleeping peacefully (in my dreams) in "his" crib. So 16ish weeks before the new baby comes - he was officially moved.

I felt nauseous all day on Friday. Telling everyone at work about our decision and reading various articles online. Most of them said something like, "never force your child to move before they're ready." People at work told me to give him rewards for moving to the new bed, but my son is 20 months, he doesn't really understand the whole reward system, and to be honest, I'm not sure I want him too. I kind of like him doing things just to be nice, not because he's going to get something. Sooo....after totally freaking myself out...Friday night came and....

I laid in the big boy bed with him for about five minutes, explaining the theory behind it all, trying to make it sound ultra special. After I realized all he cared about where the stuffed animals already moved into the bed, I left. I sat on the step outside his room in case there was a huge thud. I heard a few whimpers...a few "Mommas?" And then nothing....nothing!

I went outside to tell Mike only to have him bow down in my honor. He had been a little worked up that all Angelo would do is treat his new bed like a mosh pit, but turns out...he's into it.

Now, he did pull all the little onesies I was folding for the new baby off his old dresser, he did climb into the bassinet saying "baby," and he did yell "No baby Momma, No baby" when we visited our friends new baby in the hospital. But one thing at a time. I'll deal with that in 16ish weeks.

For now, I'll move on to decorating the babies room!


In other news, I passed my glucose test, so I don't have to do the six hour diabetes test that I had to do last time I was pregnant.

I'm finally over the flu and getting my energy back. I had a fun filled week with my bed, an IV bag and day time television...oh and a roll of toilet paper!

Pierre has a new bark collar that makes my life wonderful!

It's suppose to be 80 -90 degrees this weekend!

We're heading to Hot Springs National Park over memorial weekend!

Angelo is talking away. A few of my favorite comments:

In church on Sunday, close to the end of the service he took a big breath and said, "All done please!"

He calls all of his toys "Angeno's" In fact if you ask him, everything is "Angeno's!"

He can say all of his friends names. His favorites are Ben, Tessa, Sean and Brody. And he loves his teacher Miss Kathy.

The other night he made me take apart my Mini Cooper wind mobile and now has six little coopers to play with which he calls "mini cocoos."


melanie said...

yeah for hot springs!! ;)

our kids always were out of their cribs around the same age, it worked great.. a few i had to gate into their room so they didn't escape in the middle of the night!! -but that's just josh in them..

he is so dang cute. cant wait to see you pregnant!! im thinking you need to post pics!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Oh, I'm so glad he's adjusting! :) He's adorable.

Jill and Jeffrey said...

aww..can't wait for that! So...have been taking quite a hiatus from reading the blogs (and writing) . . have you guys found out what you're having? Looks like a boy?

Lindsay said...

hooray for new adventures in motherhood :)

Sounds like you have a GREAT future ahead of you :)

Enjoy the sunshine and warmth ~