Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Half Way There

Yesterday was my 20 week ultrasound. Everything is looking good! Little Giblet Number Two is in the 45th percentile. Angelo was in the 75th at 20 weeks. It will be so interesting to see the difference in the siblings. I'm so excited for that.

Angelo is starting to catch on a little. Last night we asked him what was in my belly and he yelled, "bebe"! I love how he pronounces it.

This pregnancy has been so different from last time. I haven't gained near as much weight which is good, but I've have a lot of weird things going on. I've had a sinus infection twice. I have a mysterious rash on my arms and neck which they're calling the rash of pregnancy and my sciatic nerve is in terrible pain. So needless to say I'm not having a lot of fun with all of that.

Work has been crazy as well. Two weeks ago there was another cut that left just myself and the girl I manage in the Marketing Department. The first week was wild and it's amazing how mad people can be at someone who had nothing to do with the layoffs (yes, I mean me!) But they're all calming down now. I just had to switch some processes around and move a few projects to different areas. It's hard when down sizing happens and now I've been a part of it and close with people that got let go twice in the past six months or so.

I've been meaning to continue with my real estate but to be honest everything has been so busy it just seems a little to overwhelming right now. However I would like to make sure I get it all wrapped up by the end of the year in case I need to fall back on it as well.

Angelo was really sick last week, he had a temp and a sinus and ear infection. The antibiotics they gave him didn't agree with him well and for a few days he was just miserable. It was a lot of late nights and snuggling. I can't believe soon I'll have another to snuggle with!

I have a few belly shots I haven't posted stay tuned. Little Gib #2 is starting to make his/her appearance be known!


sonnysisters said...

HALF WAY... exciting times ahead for you! Good for you for managing mommyhood and career! Anytime there are changes at work its tough... especially since you now are probably doing the work of 2-3 people! That's what us marketing girls do, eh? Wishing you the best!

the Oldest

Melanie schumacher said...

How sweet! That ultra-sound pic is amazing! Do you want to come oover & I'll make you some tea & watch Angelo? Agh, if only we were closer! Have a great week!

melanie said...

He is so grown up looking, have i mentioned that?? We can't wait to see your pregnant belly & you too!!