Monday, April 5, 2010


Mike told me on the way in to church Sunday morning that he'd always hated Easter. He had to get up early, be wisked away from his Easter basket to get in uncomfortable clothes and sit through a long church service.

Me on the other hand, I always loved Easter as a kid. I loved getting my Easter basket, loved the frilly dresses and white panten leather shoes but most of all, I loved getting ready to go for our annual Easter dinner in Harry Woods park.

Every year my Grandma Max would rent the shelter in Harry Woods park. Everyone would bring something to share. Some years it would be cold and we'd have to start a fire. Some years it was nice and we could play outside. I loved seeing all my cousins and all of my family. It was something my Grandma loved, having us all together.

Now, as we have all gotten older and moved farther from Harry Woods, we're not so lucky. Sometimes we're all together, sometimes we're not. This year we decided not to drive back home, to stay here with Mike's side of the family. I missed everyone, but we had lots of fun. Even if Angelo had to wear uncomfortable clothes to church!

We went to church with Mike's parents and then over to their house for Easter dinner. Kerri Beth and her kids were there as well and they played and played! They had the best time hunting for Easter Eggs and running in the back yard.

Angelo hunted eggs with the same rice krispie bar. It was covered with dirt and grass by the time he actually ate it!

The hostess relaxes in the sun. Sandy always goes out of her way to make sure we all have a good time. She had made Easter baskets for all the kids and the food was eggcellent!

Franny and Cecillia searching for eggs. They are so cute with their little wedge haircuts!

Kerri Beth, always the diva in her fish nets and red toenail polish.

Mike helping the kids find the eggs he hid.

Isabelle and Franny both have Juvenile Diabetes. Here Isabelle shows off her bracelet and her basket of eggs.

Angelo taking a minute to eat the dirty rice krispie while hanging with Cecillia.

Angelo, Franny, Cecillia, Isabelle and Marco.

Angelo's candy stash.

Marco kept running over to the neighbors and crawling up their back deck. He's so quick and tiny we couldn't keep up!

Angelo showing off his Easter hat. He loves hats now. Doesn't ever want to take them off!

Angelo finding his Easter Basket on Easter morning.


Lindsay said...

Looks like a perfect Easter to me!! :) Blessings to you this week ... may you have abundance in patience, rest and peace!

melanie said...

Josh has the greatest memories of harry woods too.. must have been special times ;)

it's so fun to see the girls growing up!! they are adorable.. and i love angelo's hat!!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

What great pictures! Angelo totally rocks that hat!!!