Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Voices in the Night

Sunday night I woke up to a little whimper. A sweet little voice in the night calling "Mamma, Mamma, Mamma" from down the hall.

I'm not sure what time it was, maybe 3:00 a.m., but in true Mamma fashion, I quickly threw on my slippers and robe and scurried down the hall. I knew he wasn't feeling well. He'd had a runny nose and cough for over a week. An ear infection I thought, probably.

When I came in his room my cute little guy was sitting in his crib with a look of relief that I was there. I took his temp, gave him some Tylenol and then rocked him back to sleep.

Grandma came in the morning to pick him up and take him to her house. We decided she'd just stay at our house and I'd get a doctor appointment and come get him in awhile.

I went to work. Called and got a 9:00 appointment. I thought for sure it was an ear infection but I was proven wrong. He was diagnosed with a sinus infection and pink eye. PINK EYE! Ahh! Since we got in early the doctor thought Angelo would be fine to go to daycare the next day since he'd have 24 hours of antibiotics.

Tuesday morning rolls around. There had been no crying in the night, so he must be ok, right?

I drop him off at daycare and head to work. At noon I go down to the gym in our office to walk. It had been weeks since I felt good enough to do this. But finally I force myself to walk on the treadmill for 3o minutes. Then I go heat my lunch in the cafeteria and read my book.

Suddenly one of the VP's is at my table telling me the daycare called and Angelo is sick, he's got 102.5 temp and has the chills. How in the world does he know, I wonder? Why would they call him?

I scurry back to my desk to make a few calls and head out. Looks like the daycare tried to call me, twice. Then Mike. Neither of us answered. Then they called Grandma Cella, she called Bob who works with me. He stopped by my desk, I was gone, so he went to the office next door, yada, yada, you get the picture. Anyway by the time I'd gotten back to my desk, Mike was already on his way and Grandma Sandy was already waiting at our house to be with him. So I saved one more day of vacation to put towards maternity leave!

That being said, all I wanted to do was be with my boy. Mike said I had the working Mom blues. He was right, it's so hard not to be the one lovin my sick babe. Especially after I had heard that sweet voice calling for me in the night. But what a relief to have so many people caring for my child.

Last night we were together. We watched tv, he sat on my lap and cuddled for 45 minutes. We took a hot shower to relieve sinus pressure - he just sat on the floor, normally he jumps around excitedly splashing and throwing his toys. He didn't even flinch when I put the pink eye drops in, something I was dreading. We rocked and read stories before bed. Saying our prayers that he'd feel better the next day. He did sleep all night, no sweet voices calling me last night. Although I did wake a few times imagining it.

Angelo is home with Grandma again today. Hopefully after one more day of rest he'll be back to his normal wild self. Although it has been nice hearing that sweet little voice in the night.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Hope Angelo is feeling better soon. And being loved on by Grandma till you get home is pretty ideal ;)

melanie said...

Aw.. sweet little guy. It's hard to imagine those big eyes with pink eye :( poor baby. I hope he's feeling better soon!

Lindsay said...

man ... what an adventure each day brings huh?!

Hope Angelo is feeling better and that you are still getting some {snuggle} time in too!

Happy Thursday ~