Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sometimes I Forget

(Warning this could be over the top mushy!)

Sometimes I forget that I have that husband:

The one who would rather spend time with his family than watch sports and in fact has maybe spent only a handful of hours watching sport during the entire time we've been married...including the Olympics!

The guy who doesn't want to go drinking with his friends on the weekend because it means taking time away from being with his wife and son. The guy I have to set up outings for, just so he can get "guy" time.

The guy who buys all the grocery's and cooks dinner 95 percent of the time and actually, not lying here, likes to do these things.

The guy who packs my lunch almost every morning and has it waiting by the garage so all I have to do is pick it up on my way out the door.

The guy who makes our bed almost every morning while I'm in the shower because he knows it drives me crazy to come home from work and see an unmade bed.

The guy who buys me flowers in the middle of the week just to say he feels like he hasn't done enough to appreciate me and that he thought about me during the day.

The guy who shares in the every day tasks in life, like cleaning and laundry, dressing and bathing a toddler, packing snacks for a toddler, washing cars and letting the dog out in the middle of the night.

The guy who went to two different ice cream places because his pregnant wife wanted a McFlurry and the McFlurry machine was broken.

The guy who doesn't bat an eye when his bossy wife tells them were there next vacation is, not even bothering to get his opinion.

The guy who signs his toddler up for soccer on his on agenda.


Sometimes I forget "that guy" is "my" husband. And I forget how lucky I am to be on that journey with someone who doesn't flinch about lending his wife a hand with the little details in life and actually prefers it that way.

Most of all, sometimes I forget to tell him I appreciate him and all he does.

But I do appreciate you for everything you are.

Love you Mike!


Julie said...

You do have a pretty good guy!! Love that he and Dan both grocery shop and cook most of the time. Sydney and I would go hungry or eat lots of cereal if it wern't for Dan. Glad you have "that" kind of husband. :)

melanie said...

How sweet is that :) what an awesome post..
im gigglying still from the mental picture of little Angelo playing soceer... all decked up :)

Ashley said...

THAT, was a great post! I too get flowers, lunch, no dog responsibility and the ever-so-important ice cream run. I think we couldn't be any luckier. Thank you for reminding me to be nicer to Marco and thank him more often. :)

Jana said...

I too have "that" kinda husband. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful for such a great man.....With no complaints, he launders, cooks, washes dishes...while I deep clean and do the floor and schedule our's a good balance...I need to learn from him not complain while doing those mundane tasks again and again.....