Thursday, March 11, 2010

No Hands in Soccer

So, last weekend Angelo had his first soccer practice. Yes, that's right, soccer at 18 months old! Let me just tell ya, these places that lure parents in, claiming to turn your children into athletes at a young age, they really rake it in. I mean, when Mike told me that he had signed up Angelo for soccer I thought there would only be a few kids there...I mean really how many people take 18 month old kids to soccer?

Well, alot, more than alot. There were so many kids we waited in lines to get into the soccer building. Then there were so many different groups of kids and it was some what disorganized, so big surprise, the Gibilisco's ended up in the wrong age group dragging our buddy Ryan with us!

I knew something was wrong the minute the "coach" of team "Teddies" said they needed to go around and say their names out loud, I mean Angelo just recently started saying Momma, no way he's gonna stand up and yell out, "Yo, my name is Angelo Gibilisco"!

Ryan (pictured above) obviously felt the same way. He cried and I remember his mom saying, "Oh my God, this is my worst nightmare."

We were all kind of laughing, wondering what we'd gotten ourselves into. Since Ryan cried Angelo decided to cry a bit too. Then he proceeded to try to do jumping jacks in the middle of the circle of kids. Standing next to a kid in umbro shorts, dread locks and knee pads who had quite obviously done more than hold a nerf football and jump into a blow up train with a bunch of plastic balls - which have been Angelo's only experiences with balls so far in life.

We all looked around, terrified for what might be next and then Mike saw it. A net filled with little people who looked much more like Ryan and Angelo's team mates than the "Teddies."
We all felt better here. Ryan showed off by kicking the ball nicely and Angelo showed his skills in soccer by actually picking up the soccer ball when he was supposed to kick it and then proceeded to run with it all over the field.

The coach yelled, "There is no hands in soccer Angelo!"
Me, I was just happy that he was confident enough to trounce all over. You go Angelo!

What, cones are for drills? Whatever!

Yikes, this was the "Teddies" group. We were totally out of our element. I mean neither of us really ever even played soccer! We couldn't offer much guidance!

Here's the "Teddies" saying their names in a circle.


melanie said...

we want to see the kids in umbros and dreads ;)
that is nuts. angelo will be able to kick oliver's butt here pretty soon!!

Ashley said...

With the Name Angelo Gibilisco he either has to play soccer or be a boxer and as a mom, I vote for soccer. :)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I can't believe how many kiddos are there! Loved the pics :)