Thursday, March 18, 2010

Goofin Around with Grandma

Last Friday we went out for fish and chips. Mom and I are good Lutheran girls but I married a Catholic boy and she dates one.

So like the good Lutherans we are, we headed out for a Lenten fish fry. This particular one was held at the Dundee Dell, a great place for fish and chips and scotch, if you're into that. However, with Creighton College here in town and a slew of Catholic churches, these things get busy. So good thing we found the goofy photo booth to occupy Angelo for a few minutes.

It stole our $2.00 first, but the bartender retrieved it and well, here's the masterpiece. As you can see, we had no idea when it was going to take our photos and we were quite obviously looking at the wrong spot!

But we were entertained and that's what counts. Tomorrow night, another fish fry. This one is at a church. I think there is a pasta feed as well. Hopefully there will be something else fun to occupy Angelo while we wait in line.


Lindsay said...

oh my goodness ... so fun! I wish we had a photo booth around here :)

** I'm reading fearless ... should be done by the date on your sidebar :)

Have a GREAT week - I'm off for a week of just being home! Sending blessings your way & I can't wait to catch up after my break ~

melanie said...

too sweet.. gotta put those in the baby book!!
my mom would always bring me to fish fries, lenton lunches, spegetti suppers, i miss them!! ;)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Oh I love those!!