Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Yesterday you started your new daycare.
You were scared. I was scared.
But we made it.
Yesterday you met new friends.
Friends I don't know, teachers I haven't met.
You played with new toys.
You finger painted for the first time.
And you took a nap on a little mat instead of a crib.
Yesterday you ate at a table instead of a high chair.
Yesterday, you played so hard we put you to bed early when you got home.
Yesterday, I wished you could say more and tell me all about your day.
Yesterday when I left you, you cried.
You tried to run after me with a little chair attached to your waist.
Yesterday I cried.
Not because I was afraid to leave you. Although, it's always hard.
I cried because Yesterday you were my little baby.
Now Today, you're my big boy.
I miss Yesterday, but I love Today.

Love you Angelo


melanie said...

That is just the sweetest post Shell. He does look so old sitting there with his little pancakes that he chucked aside :) He is such a darling little guy, we miss him!!!

Lindsay said...

Love this. Crying my way through it.