Sunday, February 21, 2010

Too Fast, Too Furious: Less Than 20 Minutes With a Toddler

Angelo turned 18 months on Saturday. I decided to follow him around with the camera for 20 minutes while we got ready in the morning. He's fast, he's furious, he's hard to keep up with...but he's super fun and learning something new every minute.

Have fun watching him go!

When Angelo got up I asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he said "McDonos!" He settled for Cherrios. He loves trying on his daddy's shoes.

Umm...just figured out how to climb on this couch...not really suppose to do that...but everyonce in awhile...ok.

Hmmm... how much can I drag out of here?



melanie said...

Angelo, you are just the most handsome little guy!!! Hugs!!

Julie said...

Love it!!! He is such a cutie pie and I love those legs and cheeks!!

The Kennedy's said...

Love these pics! He looks so happy!

Lindsay said...

He is all boy isn't he?! He and my Mack would be fast friends :)