Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Terrible Twos Come Early

It's just been in the last few weeks, but Angelo has really started to test us! Up until now there have been the occational throw yourself on the floor tantrums. And well, we've just ignored them and they don't last long. But last night....oh my, we were in for something special!

It started with throwing books. And not just throwing them. I mean heaving them all over the room while yelling jibberish. When we began to scold him well, he started to hit us!

First he pointed his finger right back at us and said, no, no, no! (And I actually had to smile at that one because it was kind of cute.) But then he started to say NO and hit at our faces!

Of course we both have totally different ways of handling naughtyness. Mike is much more calm, and I freak out! After we put him in bed we discussed our tactics, in not a very love dare, friendly, loving way. Finally we calmed down and decided neither of our ways were correct.

So, I'm asking all of you experienced mothers --- any suggestions?


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

That first fit always catches us off guard too :) It's almost funny the first time, and then SO NOT funny the next times.

Melt downs seem to happen around here fairly consistently. Most of the time we just have to remove them and give them some space to cool down. Jake gets sent to his bed until he can come down without yelling.

The hitting at us is like the ultimate DO NOT DO here :) They can be mad, but cannot hit, especially at Ben and I. Usually the time out and being firm that hitting you is not gonna fly will help. Unfortunately you'll get to practice this about a zillion times and then it will click with him :)

The other night I had to put myself to bed before I had a fit ;)

melanie said...

Noah was out tantrum baby.. not that they dont all have them.. but at that age. It was mainly because he couldnt communicate his frustrations. We just pulled him aside and allowed him to have at it, but without attention. Then talk him through it.
It's a toughie stage :) I just read a blog a few mins ago about how her 1.5 years old was going to be a college student coming through the door before you know it.. hopefully Angelo wont be wearing red :)
We have multiple tantrums or sword fights with straws at Starbucks these days... I have to keep the persepective soon it'll all be over!! :(

Jana said...

Oh yes, the tantrums........a way of communicating something that just won't come out in words.....a way of getting frustrations out, and pushing buttons......ignoring is good, I always told Connor....I see you're feeling ____,(to validate his feelings) and when you feel better come in the other room. (to give him some "alone, scream your head off time")and then it didn't last long, because he wasn't getting much attention. Never had to deal with hitting but be consistent in what you say and do each time it happens and soon he'll be conditioned.....if you can see it coming before it happens...distraction is good...
I swear I've learned more from my children than what I've taught them!
good luck,'ll get on top of it and learn his new tricks.

Lindsay said...

oh my ... I wish we were neighbors ... I'd sit with you for hours ... because I do NOT have it figured out ... and I think just getting it out there and brainstorming and talking about it helps so much!

You've got good advice up above this comment.

Pray. and then pray some more! :) And I'll pray for you guys too.