Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finally Christmas Photos

Finally I have our Christmas photos published. It was kind of a wild one. We received over a foot of snow starting Christmas Eve and continuing on to Christmas Day. That was on top of the foot we already had. So it really changed our plans. Christmas Eve we made it to my moms but decided it was best to spend the night there. It took Mike and Bob over an hour to plow us out of moms drive way Christmas Morning. Then later that night, thanks to 4X4 we made our way to Mike's parents house. No one else was able to make it. But we had fun and had plently of food since they were planning on the whole Giblilisco clan and just got us!
Angelo's Grandmas really spoiled him this year. See the car slipper and plenty more gifts where that came from He loves wearing his slippers around the house and tries to stick his feet in them.

He was really excited with this little farm tractor!

Bob helping Angelo get his tractor out of the box.

I think this photo is so funny! It looks like Angelo is wearing an earing! My mom bought him this little flashlight for his head. He loves it!

Mom, Bob and Angelo looking over their gifts!

I'm seriously worried about next Christmas. It was hard to keep the Grandma's under control this year. I think it maybe worse next year! We may need to start making donations immediatly after Christmas or our house will be over run with toys. Any suggestions on how to keep them in control? Remember, Mike and I are only children - so Angelo has no one to compete with! He isn't complaining though!


melanie said...

Where did his little baby face go? His expressions and everything, he looks like such a handsome little guy! Too sweet.
Presents.. I don't know what to tell ya..... :)

Lindsay said...

Love these ... and glad you posted them ... because well, Christmas is kind of a blur for me this year :)

Hope you're having a GREAT week!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

This made me smile. You're so never gonna be able to keep those grandma's under control ;)