Monday, December 7, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus

So we did what all parents do this time of year and stood in line for over an hour for our free photo with Santa at the Bass Pro Shop! It actually wasn't too bad since they had all kinds of games to play while waiting. BB Guns, remote control cars, coloring, checkers.

By the time Angelo got to the front of the line he marched right up and sat on Santas lap. Not afraid - but again no smile!

I haven't been very good at bringing my camera along these days. If I had I'd show you photos from our wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.
We met Grandpa Dave halfway and went to a bouncy house/indoor playground in Ankeny and then out for dinner. Then we headed back into Des Moines and stayed at my cousin Ashley's apartment and had some fun with Grandma Cella and Great Aunt Lois and my good friend Jeff. (Actually, we decorated my cousins apartment by stringing all of her bras and panties together and sitting all her canned goods on her crown molding.) Nice way to show our appreciation, right!
Then we went to Thanksgiving at my Aunt Lorraines. Angelo surprised us all by taking up one of the grown up seats - so we were a seat short but we improvised.
At home we've been busy decorating for Christmas and wrapping gifts.
Last week we went to a live Bethleham at a church here in town. It was amazing (something else I should have photographed). There were goats, horses and even a camel. Chruch members played many parts all the way from Mary and Joseph to Roman soldiers taking money for taxes!
I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season!

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melanie said...

I love the moose/reindeer in the background.. beats the mall :)
Angelo is getting so grown up! He will just be so much fun this year at Christmas!