Friday, November 13, 2009

More with Daycare Drama

So last week I let you all know my daycare drama - somewhat. I didn't give you the full details, like that my last daycare provider also worked nights as a poker dealer at a casino and that more times than not she was asleep when we got there. And I did not tell you that the final straw was when I stopped by to pick up something I forgot in Angelo's diaper bag and she was getting ready to leave with all the kids to pick up her sick son.

No, I didn't tell you all of that, because letting you know I left him there would be admitting to the world that I left him with someone that could quite possibly be crazier than his own mother!

And now, well he's in a safe place. But it's not ideal. Let me just tell you that he spends the day in a play coral that is about the same size as my officle. (I guess we both have something in common for our day.) That play coral is positioned directly in front of a television. Again, I stress that he is safe, but that's probably because he can only move about three feet in each direction.

I wish I could say I was embellishing to make this post more fascinating, but no, it's the truth.

So this week I spent a lot of time researching day care facilities. I've realized that in-home and the Gibilisco's do not work. It's too weird for us - except for the one person we know and our schedules don't match (just in case you're reading this Tyler!

So I've narrowed it down to a Montessori, Kindercare and two church day cares.

Yesterday I went to visit the Montessori. I was amazed in all aspects. First at how much different it is than where Angelo has been. Second by the kids!

I toured the 18 month - three year room. When I got there the kids were all getting their coats and hats on to go outside - by themselves!

So Angelo will be 15 months next week. I can't imagine him putting his own coat and hat on in three more months, or getting in a single file line to march out the door for recess.

If you've never been to a Montessori before you should go, even if you stay home with your kids. It's just really interesting to see the style of teaching/learning they use. They stress Independence and all kids are expected to pick up their own toys and wash their own hands, get their own lunch, etc, get the picture - and that's even at 18 months old. They also don't have toys. They only have learning activities throughout the room. They all sleep on little mats and eat their lunch at little tables and chairs - even at 18 months! Okay,'s a little hard for me to see my baby grow up so fast!

So while I was very impressed in the facility, the structure and the teachers, I walked away thinking it was a little more structure than my free spirited and goofy son needs at this time. Not to mention the price tag is just shy of $10,000 a year. That's right my friends! Yikes! Also they do not allow part-time and I'm not ready to force Angelo and Grandma Sandy to give up their two days a week together just yet.

Next week I visit three more facilities. I'll plan to keep you in the loop. I'm keeping an excel sheet with all my questions and answers. So if you're in my area and want daycare ideas - I'll now be the Queen.

I believe when I walk in I'll know it's the place. It'll just feel right. And there will finally be no more daycare drama! Or at least not near as much!

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mel said...

That's such a toughie.. I do it all the time with school too. It's so hard to know what God's will is when there are so many options. Praying that you do know the right one when you go.. that you have wisdom but ultimately that Angelo is His & He will show you what's best for this stage.
I WISH that I lived closer!!! But I don't know that he'd survive in this house...
(But I'd enjoy snuggling him!!)