Thursday, November 5, 2009


Everyday I watch my son grow and learn more about life. But the interesting thing is how much I still learn daily myself. I use to have to make choices, but they only affectd me. Now when I made decisions they in turn can affect Angelo.

This week Angelo started a new daycare and I think the transition has been harder on me than him. I had really gotten to know and enjoy our previous daycare providors. However as a family we had to make some decisions about what was best for Angelo. I think I made the right decision - but I've been second guessing myself all week.

I keep weighing both places back and forth. Maybe in truth I don't want him to be anywhere but with me. But that's just not a possibility for our family right now, and maybe it never will be. But that is also because of certain decisons we make as a family. Both of us working means nicer things, more opportunities, one of us staying home means less "stuff" and different types of opportunities.

It's hard, and it's really hard to figure out which way to go with this. I know the grass is always greener....not sure I could be home and only home anyway. For now, this is the path we have chosen and I continue to hope we are walking the right direction down it.


Lindsay said...

Oh I've had the same thoughts, feelings, and heartache. Praying that you ALL adjust well to the new situation/environment!

Blessings ~ Lindsay

Rob, Paula, Jeremey & Jaydin said...

Every situation has it's tears and it's joys...change it hard, especially when it involves your kids. You can only pray and trust that you are doing the best in the situation you have at hand and then seek out the joys in it. Praying for you.

Lindsay said...

there is no {perfect} place for {our} kids ... and no daycare/home/school will ever be ours ... but prayer, and love, and more prayer make it {bearable}.

Still praying for you as I thought of you when I left my daycare this morning ... hoping and praying that my boys have a super day {without} me.