Sunday, November 22, 2009

15 Months

Angelo Ross at 15 months-
26.5 pounds
33 inches
Loves running, laughing, playing with Pierre. Angelo isn't saying too much yet but he does point at roosters and says, do, do, do, do, doooo. He also knows what cows and sheep say and peekaboo. It seems like he learns something different almost everyday. He's been using a fork and he loves macarooni, grilled cheese, muffins and pretty much anything sweet.
Can't believe he's 15 months old already.

What, I'm suppose to smile? Ahh, it's over rated!

Again, I'd really rather not smile!


Anonymous said...

Michelle, Angelo is so cute, he is growing up so fast. Love his expressions!! That adds to the pictures. Enjoy your blog, Aunt Sharon

mel said...

Angelo, you are so very handsome! What a sweetie pie you are!!! Youre like a little guy already, where did your baby go? Love ya!