Friday, October 2, 2009

One of those weeks...

It's been one of those weeks, you know the kind. The kind where you are...

- With your son at the grocery store and he wants to walk behind the shopping cart. You figure you might as well let him because it's not worth the fight and it's exciting to see him start to walk.

- It goes well through most of the store and everyone is smiling at him. It's so cute because he smiles and waves back at them. And then he falls right into the cart and gets a bloody lip and begins screaming at the top of his lungs.

- You learn that lips bleed alot, even from just a small cut - anyway it bleeds so much you use up all the gross dried up kleenex in your pocket holding them over the lip to try to make it through the checkout line while everyone who once thought he was so cute stares at you like you're insane!

- You take your kid to the ER because they can barely breathe and has a 104 temp...

- On the way to the ER your child who seemed so sick just minutes before is now laughing in the back seat....

- You wait in the ER for what seems like hours for them to say your child has the croup and it lasts 7 - 10 days. Yes, that's right, 7 -10 days of pure joy!

- You stay home from work even though you're having one of your craziest weeks...

- Your child barfs and pours milk on the floor and your way of cleaning it up is to let dog lick it all

- You finally get your child to sleep and lay down on the couch after being up since 2 a.m. when the dumb dog goes crazy barking at a squirel in the yard and wakes everyone up - his only redeeming quality - he just licked up barf!

- Your son just wants to be held and if he's not being held he's hanging on your pants with one arm, the other grasping up at you while crying...

- Boogers the size of green toy army men come out of your son's nose everytime he sneezes, since he wants to be held most of the day, that means those boogers are on you!

- You and your husband now have head colds - maybe croup - can adults get croup?

- Your now sneezing so you pull out a kleenex from your pocket on the way to work to blow your own nose and realize it's got dried blood from the grocery store lip incident - oh well gotta do what ya gotta do

- Walking aimlessly around Target is your excitement for the week

- You eat m&m's, candy corn, and peanuts for dinner two nights in a row

- You are so, sooo ready for the weekend!


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

That is motherhood for ya! :) I can't tell you how many times I've been on the way to urgent care with a really sick kid to have them acting FINE by the time we walk in.

Hope Angelo (and you and Mike) are back to your healthy selves soon! It's these kind of weeks that make us all realize how great we really have it on the other weeks :)

PS - I think m&m's candy corn and peanuts sounds like a delicious supper ;)

Lindsay said...

My package arrrive ... and oh my goodness do I ever, ever LOVE it!! You made my day!

Praying you are healthy, healthy, healthy very soon! I'm sorry you're having to deal with the {sick} bug ... no fun!

Blessings to you friend ... what a joy it's been to know you through this www. world :)