Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter

My mom and I are really close, in fact I'd say we could win awards for how close we are! She is my best friend and my mom all rolled into a great package. We have been through all kinds of things together...good and bad. But we always end up on top.
A little bit about my mom ---
She is the second child out of five kids and was raised on a small farm in Iowa. And even though we live in a larger city now, she's still an Iowa farm girl at heart. What I mean by that is, growing up her family sometimes struggled to make ends meet. They worked hard together as a family. My grandparents instilled that in all the kids - great work ethic. To this day you can't say any of the kids are lazy. They've all taken different paths in life, but none of them are lazy -- it just doesn't run in the family.
The other thing that my grandparents instilled in their children was faith. Faith and the belief that if you work hard and you treat people right you'll do well in life. Faith has helped my mom get through the hard times in her life and faith has helped my mom be able to rejoice in the good times. My mom has done really well in her career and I attribute it to her faith in God, hard work and treating people right.
Mom got married to my dad when she was 19 years old. They had dated all through high school, he got drafted and they got married just a few weeks after his return from Vietnam. Mom always says he was never the same guy when he got back. He just saw too much over there and it was hard for him to return to civilian life. He began to drink alot.
Once they got married they moved to Texas so dad could finish out his time with the Army. Mom told me that she called her parents and told them she wasn't happy and she thought she made a mistake. Dad was out drinking every night, leaving her alone in a small apartment. Her parents told her to stick it out. To them that was the right thing to do.
Eight years later I was born, dad was still a drinker and mom was working hard at her career. My mom only had me, she said it was just too hard to have kids with someone who wanted to spend more time at the bar that with his family. In fact, I remember many nights a tavern in town would call mom late at night and say she needed to come pick him up and she also needed to pay off his tab at the bar. She would have to pack me up and go get him.
Mom never let me feel like everything with dad was a big deal, she never lied about it but she never made a big deal over it either, it just was what it was. She just continued to pray, continued to work hard and continued to treat people right. If you ask anyone, I mean anyone the first thing out of their mouth is that my mom would do anything for them, a real stand up gal -- that and she's a hard worker!
After twenty plus years of marriage to my dad she was finally fed up. She left him my sophmore year of high school. She got remarried the end of my Senior year and divorced again a few years later. She moved from Iowa, to Omaha, to Denver and back to Omaha. Those fews years were hard, really hard on her. Her parents taught her to treat everyone right, and when people didn't treat her the same way it really hurt, especially when two husbands in a row took her for granted.
She also felt ashamed, ashamed that she had another divorce notch on her belt. Embarrased to see old friends and family members who may not have thought it her best decision. But she prayed, and she had faith and she continued to work hard and treat others well.
Sometimes when her and I look back on the past and try to make sense of everything we can actually see God's hand in it all. Sometimes it's as if he actually picked people up and threw them where they needed to be. Unfortunatly they had to deal with their own emotions when they landed. Now that we can see all the pieces we can smile. Now we can understand that at all costs, we're suppose to be near each other.
I'm so proud of my mom. She is strong, determined and independant. I truly admire and respect her. I'm so glad that we are paving a new road in business together.
Love you mom!
I know you all want to know what we're up to...just stay tuned!


mel said...

we do we do we do... & maybe you can add a boy- cousin josh to your duo?? :)
you mom is amazing and she raised an amazing daughter.

ShelliGib said...

Sure! Wanna move to Omaha next???!! Did you get the girls trip info I emailed?

The Kennedy's said...

Very nice pics Michelle and Cella! You've definitley got me curious, I think I have an idea.....

LesleyAnn said...

Great photos of you and your mom!! You have such a wonderful relationship with your mom. She's a wonderful lady.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE this post!! WOW! SO powerful and real and just ... WOW!

Can't wait to hear what is going on with you two!

Blessings & love~ Lindsay

** GREAT pictures too!! :)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

You two are both amazing. I can't remember a time when I didn't know either of you...what a great thing that is! I think the relationship you have is so beautiful, just like you two. Love ya!