Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Power of a God through a Blog

Today I've been grumpy. Thinking about me, me, me. My clothes are ugly, my car smells, I have too much to do, don't like my hair. You know the days.

Then a co-worker let me know about this...

It's a blog we read daily. A blog I pray over, agonize and cry over weekly. However, I've never let this family know that I read their blog until today. Because today they lost their little girl to cancer. And as if that wasn't bad enough, it's the second time they've lost a child.

Reading the paragraph about their daughter really snapped me into shape. It was like a big smack across my face. Making me realize what matters most. Making me feel so small for groveling over stupid things in life. In fact it was as if God himself smacked me in the face and shook me. I can almost hear him saying, "What is wrong with you, don't you know how good you've got it, don't you know how to be grateful? Isn't anything ever enough for you?"

And it makes me feel stupid, and it makes me feel small. And I realized that I needed to write this family a post. And I needed to wake up and be grateful for everything around me. I realized that God is here, here in this blog.

So please, pray for this family - but also pray for thanksgiving. Even if all is not right, there is something positive, look to see the good in your life.

Tonight when you put your children to sleep, hug them close and be grateful for everything.

And then say a prayer for the Maxey Family.

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mel said...

wow. im speechless. my heart goes out to them. i can not imagine, our prayers are joined w yours.