Tuesday, September 1, 2009

one year stats...

Angelo - One year stats:
25.5 lbs. - 85%
32.5 in. - 99%
One year photo from Sears = disaster!
Angelo did not want to sit still and cried for all of his photos. Somehow I got him to smile after throwing him in the air a few times and then shoving him in this little car.
Angelo is still not walking, he's too busy crawling all over and playing with cars.
He is babbling and calls most everything dadu - go figure!
He is such a big boy, I've had several people ask me if he's two years old!


Rob, Paula, Jeremey & Jaydin said...

What an awesome photo...you would never guess he'd been crying! Like father like son...cars make him smile :-)!! He is so cute!

Lindsay said...

Big is good! My boys were both big (Mack still is) ... and they can definitely hold their own!

Keep growing and lovin' life Angelo :)

The Kennedy's said...

Sometimes I think the crying pics are just as cute as the smiling ones!! The one you posted turned out great! He weighs the same Jackie did at 15 months. Way to go Angelo!