Thursday, August 6, 2009

In just 28 short days Mike and I will be here...

Acadia National Park, Maine! I've been planning this trip forever and I can't believe it's finally less than a month away.
You may have noticed one of my side bars is a list of all the National Parks I've been too. It's a personal goal to see them all in my lifetime. They are truly beautiful, untouched for the most part by man.
Here are the details of our upcoming trip-
Day 1 - Boston, MA - Tour Faneuil Hall and the Freedom Trail and eat Boston Cream Pie
Day 2 - Portsmouth, NH - Tour of the Strawberry Banke and then on to our Inn in Portland,
Day 3 - Portland, ME - Breakfast in Portland and then we have a long drive through little seaside
towns to arrive at our final destination Bar Harbor, ME.
Day 4 - Bar Harbor, ME - Explore Acadia National Park!
Day 5 - Explore some more!
Head back home...
Have any of you been through Acadia? If so any suggestions? Which National Parks have you visited? Which are your favorites?
I can't wait to take photos, eat lobster and stay in the cute inn's by the sea.
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Lindsay said...

Go to this blog

... they are my friends that have been in Maine for the past year or so ... and are now moving back to Oregon ...

They went there recently ... it looks AWESOME!!

You are blessed indeed :)

Jana said...

What a beautiful place to go....I've never heard of the National Park, but I've always wanted to go to Maine and eat lobster....I think Paul's been up that way.....will the leaves be changing color by then, or is it a bit too early yet?

Jill and Jeffrey said...

My sister lives up in that area....I'll check it out and see what she suggests..

Smith Family said...

Hi! I'm so excited for you and your family. You will have such a special time in Maine, it's a beautiful place. Our favorite spots at Acadia are: Sand Beach (good place to sit and watch the ocean), Thunder Hole (a quick stop), Jordan Pond (pretty hike), Bubble Pond (a quieter spot with a picnic table, little parking though, nice hike), Cadillac Mountain (drive to the top, incredible views). If you are in the mood for a longer/family friendly hike (1.5 mile total) the Wonderland trail, is flat, we take our jogging stroller on it, and takes you through a forest and then opens up to the ocean with lots of places to play and explore on the sand and rocks.

Bar Harbor is worth walking around, there's a nice grassy hill down by the water that's a great place to have a picnic and watch the sailboats. If you want lobster while in Bar Harbor, Stewman's down on the water is a good family place and you can eat outside by the water. The icecream shop with the red and white striped awning across from the park in the center of town is good.

Overall, you can't go wrong. Everything is beautiful. If you have time for a side trip, the town of Camden is a quaint town and their Windjammer/sailboat festival may be happening when you are there.

If you would like any more info, let me know! I'd be happy to help you out with your trip. You will have a GREAT time!