Thursday, July 16, 2009

No naps at Grandma Cella's

So, my mom just e-mailed me this photo of Angelo in her bathroom sink! It was taken on the fourth of July.

Angelo had been in a parade in my mom's neighborhood and he was pretty pooped out afterward, so Mike and I left him with her to take a nap.

We went home to get food ready for her party and when we returned Angelo was sitting on her back deck hanging out with a bunch of Grandpas. He looked pretty tired and he was really rubbing his eyes. My mom said, "he didn't really want to take a nap after all!" Now we know he was hanging out in her sink instead of in his pack-and-play. (Apparently he was also busy getting a tatoo on his arm. When we returned Angelo, Bob and Grandma all had flag tattoo's!)

The funny thing is we tried to put him down for a nap again once we got there. He heard everyone at the party having fun so he started to cry. His other grandma had just gotten to the party and ran back to try and resuce him! Mike had to intercept and tell her he'd stop in a few minutes and really did need his nap. He ended up sleeping for two hours. I guess playing in the sink and getting tatoo's really poops a little guy out!


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

He is so sweet!

mel said...

Angelo, you are such a handsome little guy!! *hugs*

The Kennedy's said...

Angelo is going to need a bigger sink soon :) such a cutie pie!