Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mr. Independance

Ok, ok, so it's been awhile since I've been on here, but we've been busy! What have we been up to?

Well, Angelo has been busy crawling all around putting anything and everything into his mouth. He's also been busy trying to pull himself up, but at almost 27 pounds he's got a lot to pull! Since the pulling up thing is pretty difficult, their is alot of falling and brief periods of tears. It's kind of a cute cry because his face turns red and his mouth opens but no sound comes out, just tears and then a little sob here and there. Poor guy, it's got to be frustrating to learn so many things so fast. He's also getting a bunch of teeth at the same time and has been pretty miserable the last few days. So little Mr. Independance is really growing and changing everyday.

Thus that makes me busy momma! I work all day at the insurance company doing ecommerce customer relationship management. Which means I build lists, create and automate emails based on our customers and leads. This is all new since I came back to work from maternity leave so I'm on the phone with customer support with our email service providor much of the day!

At night either Mike or I pick up Angelo from his grandma's or Brenda the babysitters house. Then we do what all parents do, hurridly cook dinner, play with Angelo, give him a bath and put him to bed, and then by the end of everything we both plop on the couch exausted!

On top of the daily routine, every Tuesday and Thursday night I go to school from 7:45 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Fun times my friends! I'm enrolled in my last class, fun old Algebra. I will finally graduate with my Bachelor of Science in Communications with an emphasis on Graphic Communications, August 14th. I seriously never thought I would make it!

Luckily I will graduate with honors and no student loan and a job in my field. Which is probably alot more than my much, much, younger fellow graduates can say. So even though it's way past due, I'm patting myself on the back!

And Mike? Well he's always busy doing something crazy. His latest scheme is waiting for a house down the street to go into foreclosure. (He's just sure it's gonna happen!) Anyway he's been estimating everything that would need to be done and plans to make the bank an offer. We'll see what happens. The house is a disaster, but with a little Gibilisco vision, who knows! I'm on the fence about it, but I'm not to worried, the sun, moon and stars would all have to align for his little project to work like he plans.

That's life in a nutshell right now with the Gibilisco's. I'll try and do a better job of keeping everyone informed!

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Lindsay said...

WOW!! You've been busy!

* GREAT job on being a mama to your sweet boy!

* GREAT job on the school stuff ... cheering you on!

* GREAT job on seeing the blessings in the hurriedness of life!

Have a GREAT rest of the week!!